The UK's Best Scream Park is back!

This October, the multi-award-winning FEAR at Avon Valley Scream Park is back with five returning scare attractions: VITA NOVA, Malefica, X4, The Core House of Clowns. 

Fire show in Fear at Avon Valley Country Park - Credit Avon Valley Country Park
Image: Fire show at FEAR at Avon Valley Scream Park 

Not just for the scare fans, this is a Halloween festival of freakalicious fun for everyone. In the main event area see roaming immersive street theatre with a growing, notorious cast of characters ready to scare and surprise you with their twisted circus performances.

The main stage has an immense fire, laser and light show illuminating the sky and performance arena. In the undercover bar you can find paintballing and a two-minute escape room. Outside there are high adrenalin fairground rides, music, food, open fire pits and a festival vibe.

A Scarecrow at Fear at Avon Valley Country Park - Credit Avon Valley Country Park
Image: Scarecrow performer at FEAR at Avon Valley Scream Park 

The Scare Mazes are themed areas you walk through in small groups and encounter live theatrical entertainment designed to scare you. Since what evokes FEAR in one person to the next differs, there are a variety of tricks in store using all elements – scare actors, visuals, sensory or sound effects. A bit like being in a part of a horror film, it's scary but fun too and will definitely get your heart pumping!

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Audience at FEAR Avon Valley Scream Park - Credit Avon Valley Country Park

Discover more about the scare mazes…

The House of Clowns

The circus has arrived at the sleepy village of Stidham once more, however, a trail of controversy surrounds its arrival; after the disappearance of its most infamous member Frank, murderous accusations have faced the troupe. Now, with dwindling visitor numbers and nothing left to lose, the inhabitants will do whatever they can to get this house of clowns back on top...


Winner of the ‘Best Experience’ award at the 2022 Scare Awards! After being destroyed in a mysterious fire, the Douglas & Daughters Restoration team have begun work on the Stidham Village Sisters of Mercy Church, slowly returning it to its former glory. But something isn’t quite right; strange noises have been heard deep within the church, and volunteers claim to have seen something moving in the shadows...


In 1994, Omega Industries secured site Alpha-Vixen One, a complex series of subterranean tunnels hidden deep underground. Hidden deep within these tunnels, the discovery of a lifetime was made, altering the course of humanity. Now, nearly thirty years later, they invite you into their compound to observe the future of modern warfare...


Day 5,987 since the New World Order began. Omega Industries has initiated it’s quality of life programme, VITA NOVA, restoring order to the Republic of England. Society will be reformed, it will be born anew. The New World Order demands that the VITA NOVA programme is adhered to by all citizens, yet it seems that some have defied these orders and stopped conforming. They have stopped taking their VITA NOVA. All non-conformers will be detected, and they will be ameliorated...

The Core

After the fall of the UK Government and years of national civil unrest, the New World Order has risen and the Republic of England stands victorious. But a rebel alliance has formed, an abandoned power plant their base of operations. Hiding on the edge of society, they search for recruits to join the cause and reclaim all that was lost. But unbeknownst to them, a far greater danger lies beneath their feet…

The Exorcism

Not for the faint of heart, this unique immersive experience will place guests in the heart of the story as they battle to save the soul of Evelyn Grace.

Whether you’re a scare fan and relish the frights within the mazes or you’re looking for an alternative night out, a night at FEAR is #aBloodyGoodNightOut and one you will not forget in a hurry. Bring your friends, a date, your family or just yourself if you’re really brave.

Try a maze and recover by a fire pit with a drink from the bar and some tasty street food while soaking up the atmosphere, street theatre and fire and light shows. This event is what the dark nights are made for.

WARNING! All visitors must be 16 years or older to attend FEAR Scream Park, and children under 16 will not be granted entry, even if accompanied by an adult.  Your age can be verified using your passport, provisional or driving licence, national identity card or birth certificate. Please remember to bring suitable footwear and waterproof clothing as this is an outdoor event.

There is also an event for under 16s, FEARless! Created exclusively for 11-15 year olds, FEARless offers a frightfully fun night out. Enjoy epic fire shows, spooky street performers, fairground rides and side stalls. There will be a licensed bar for adults, a fun choice of mocktails and delicious street food. 

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Laser light show at Fear at Avon Valley Country Park - Credit Avon Valley Country Park
Image credit: FEAR at Avon Valley Scream Park

Getting There

FEAR at Avon Valley Scream Park is located on the site of Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park, just off the main A4 between Bath and Bristol. 

Travelling by bus? There are a few buses that drive past the end of the Park's road, the X39 and the Green Air decker bus. The bus stop is located near the end of Pixash Lane, then it is a short walk from the main road to the Park. Please note: when walking over the railway bridge, the road narrows, so please be careful.

Driving? The park is just after the Keynsham bypass (A4, Bath Road). You will pass Waitrose, which is located on you left-hand side and when you rejoin the single carriageway look for the brown signs, to turn left for Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park.

This content was kindly sponsored by FEAR at Avon Valley Scream Park.