Favourite place for hearty food?

I’m a big fan of The Runcible Spoon on Nine Tree Hill in Stokes Croft. It’s delicious, well-priced and pretty cool. The basement dining rooms, with the minimal decor, uneven floors and crumbling white walls make you think you’re in a Dickensian mansion of decay and bitterness. The light jazz is delightful. The prices aren’t too bad (a three-course meal for £20 is pretty cool). The beer and wine is selected for each meal and isn’t too pricey. And there’s the food. My god, my lord, my-my - it is delicious. Delicious with a capital NOM-NOM-NOM. I couldn’t tell you how delicious - you have to go and see for yourself. But for a changing menu of food that is sustainably grown, ethically sourced, locally produced, it is a bargain, a righteous bargain, and is how fine-dining should be… hearty and delicious.

Booking is essential. Do it. Treat yourself.

Currently… I’m obsessed with the last eight episodes of Breaking Bad. In fact, I stopped writing this blog for ten minutes to think about the episode I watched last night. The bit with the… no I won’t spoil it for you. Look, okay, it’s streaming on Netflix, and it’s essentially the best thing that’s ever been made for television - it’s textured, nuanced, studied, brilliantly put together, lovingly directed, acted and it’s simple - it’s a tale of good and evil. How a good person becomes evil. The pitch for the show… Mr Chips becomes Scarface… is pretty apt - Walter White, on learning he has terminal cancer, decides to provide for his family by earning quick money as a drug dealer. Turns out, though, he likes the infamy. A twisted web of lies, deceit, murder, violence, drugs and moral compasses being smashed on the New Mexico desert floor, and you’ve got the best thing on television.

I know everyone else is going on about it too, and if you haven’t jumped on board yet, the hype is inescapable… it’s worth believing is all.