Shaun in the City

You’ve seen them in some of the most iconic locations around Bristol, had your walk to work brightened by their cheery sheep faces, taken a good many selfies with those googly eyes and had them entertain your children for hours on end! But what is life on the trail like for the Shauns themselves? Although wordless in his on-screen self, mainly communicating as is customary for sheep, by bleating, we’ve got inside the head of some of the Shauns to tell their side of the tale during their summer in Bristol. (*These are the views, opinions and imaginings of Angharad Paull, Content Assistant at Destination Bristol, they are not representative of The Grand Appeal or Aardman).

Shaun in the City

Brunel Trail

Isambaard Shaun – Visitor’s Centre, Clifton Suspension Bridge

Maybe it’s because I exude romance? But more likely it’s the fact I’m perched near one of the most be-ewe-tiful places in Bristol, the Clifton Suspension Bridge, that one loved-up man decided to propose to his partner right next to me! “Wool you marry me?” Congrat-ewe-lations Nina and Richard! What a ewe-nique tale you now have to share.

Wish Ewe Were Here – Avon Gorge Hotel

I normally just stick to munching grass, but if you fancy a delicious graze and a bit of refreshment, then I’m your lamb! I’m pretty as a picture, delightfully colourful and have one of the best views in town – the Clifton Suspension Bridge! Here on the Avon Gorge Hotel Terrace, I love listening to the hubbub of people enjoying a cheeky PIMM'S on a summer’s day. Come and join me, it’s lamb-tastic!

Bloomin' Gorge-ous - Christchurch Green, Clifton

Shaun in the city

The Destination Bristol team Shaun spotting

Harbourside trail

Air Fleece – Canon’s Marsh, Amphitheatre, Harbourside

Well, would you believe the things that go on in my spot - sitting a stone's throw across the water from the mighty M Shed and The Matthew. Any other party-loving Shauns, I bet ewe wish ewe were here! Since I took up residence here, people have been getting their groove on at Grillstock (admittedly I wasn’t that chuffed about the lamb chops) and rocking out at the Harbourside Festival. Although I wasn’t there at the time, the latter bl-ewe my tiny sheep brain, with hundreds of people cramming into the amphitheatre for the spectacular light show – a transformation of the Lloyds building into a magnificent digital canvas. Flock and Roll!

Shaun in the City - airfleece

Green Poems for a Blue Planet – Bristol 2015 lab, Canon’s Road

 “One place for all. Comprehend? Mend.”  I’m talking about the planet and thanks to my designers, Nick Park and Martin Kiszko, I’m spreading the message through the markings on my lamb-tastic body which is scrawled with whimsical, thought-provoking poetry. Bristol is no stranger to my theme, voted European Green Capital 2015, the city is leading the eco way in the UK. I like it best when people stop by and summon their inner thespian – my poems are meant to be spoken aloud.

Shaun in the city - blue planet

Bahhbersheep – Wapping Wharf, Wapping Road

Baaaah I can see my name in lights already! Shaun the Sheep the Movie…what do you mean that’s already been done?? I was interviewed this morning by my Aardman Designer, Gav Strange as part of the Shaun in the City film and now I’m feeling super pleased with myself. I just hope I came across as my loveable sheepy-self, I said a few things a bit on the hoof.  Roll up roll up for your hoof-o-graphs my friends, you’ll find me just behind the exciting M shed museum! Baaa-rilliant!

Shaun in the City

Sgt. Shepherd – Baltic Wharf, off Cumberland Road

We’re Sgt. Shepherd’s Happy Sheep Club Band, we hope you will enjoy the show, we’re Sgt. Shepherd’s Happy Sheep Club Band, it’s wonderful to be here, it’s certainly a thrill, you’re such a lovely audience, we’d like to take you home with us, you’d like to take us home! Where’s that Billy Shears? You can catch my guys, The Bootleg Beatles at Bristol Zoo Gardens on 30th July. Safe to say I’m pretty groovy in my harbourside spot. Psychadelic man! Peace and Love.

Shaun in the City

Old City trail

Woolly Wonderland Shaun – Inside St Nicholas Market

A woolly sheep. What’s so different about that? Well just wait until you catch a glimpse of my woollen locks – my bright, beautiful, crochet fleece has been carefully crafted by Vicky Harrison using over 30 techniques. I now stand knitted and proud, welcoming visitors to St Nicholas Market. Fab-ewe-lous darling!

Shaun in the City

Temple Trail

Bingo – Quay Side, Temple Back

I’d just like to say a big thank you to the kind souls that take it upon themselves to wipe me clean and dry when I’m a little soggy. I must admit I have felt a bit like I’ve had a full-on sheep dip during some of the heavier rain showers. I do appreciate the attention to detail, it makes me feel loved and I suspect I take a much better photo as a result. I’ve even had one person sheltering me from the rain with a trusty umbrella. Thank EWE!

Shaun in the City

Farmyard Flock Trail

Sparkles the Unicorn – Horfield Common (by the Ardagh Pavilion)

As the saying goes, “You should always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn…”, I’ve taken that on board and I’m doing just that. A lovely jubbly sparkly one in fact, sitting proud in green and leafy Horfield Common.  Our trail may be smaller than the others, but it’s perfectly formed.  Another Shaun down the road, Star Bake, is inspired by cake, designed by Great British Bake Off illustrator Tom Hovey, he looks good enough to eat! And finally there’s Primrose, in amongst our own kind at St Werburgh’s City Farm. Look forward to seeing ewe!

Shaun in the City

Downs Trail

Shaun of the Jungle – University of Bristol Botanic Garden

You just never know what you gonna get. Out on the trail, every day is different. Today, I recognised a well-known face, gardening guru and BBC presenter, Monty Don! He dropped by for a quick snap with me on his first visit to this stunning new garden and I must admit I felt a bit sheepish in the presence of a celebrity!  Whilst he was here he also held a talk at University of Bristol’s Wills Hall and Conference Centre. Boom!

Shaun in the City Monty Don

Gardening guru, Monty Don, snapped with Shaun of the Jungle. Picture by Andy Winfield.

Heritage Trail

Arabian Lights – Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

From my spot in the foyer of Bristol Museum I get to watch the world go by, people wandering back and forth between Park Street, the Clifton Triangle and Berkeley Square. Student graduations, shoppers after a vintage bargain, families popping into the museum for summer holiday activities, tourists wanting a glimpse of the sea dragons – it’s all awfully interesting. One and all are dazzled by my presence, I’m a different kind of sheep – the ‘black’ sheep of the family if you like. I glimmer and gleam with light, like Ali Baabaar’s treasure. Bleating marvellous.  

Shaun in the city

King Arthur of Lambelot & Excalibaaar – College Green

Oh it does make me chuckle. Every day without fail, folk stop by and try their hand at drawing the sword from the stone by my side, believing themselves to be leader of the flock in Lambelot-ian legend. I’ll just keep standing proud and mighty, in the shadow of be-ewe-tiful Bristol Cathedral, the true Sheep King.

Shaun in the City

Flock and Roll – Victoria Rooms

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, this is all for a fantastic cause – us Shaun sculptures will go to auction later in the year to raise funds for The Grand Appeal and Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity, which support children in hospitals across the UK. But thing is, I’m rooted to the spot and baaahh how I wish I could be free to wander the streets of beautiful Bristol, it looks like such a wonderful, unique city - creative, unorthodox, full of culture, friendly people and fun. From where I stand, I see stunning architecture – University of Bristol’s Victoria Rooms, The Royal West of England Academy (and fellow Shaun friend, Rex), the road to pretty Clifton Village, another to the vast green space of the Downs, lovely Georgian buildings…baaaaaah. My fellow Shauns stand in equally mesmerising, distinctively Bristolian places around the city and it feels special to us as this is our hometown, where we were created. Bristol is the best!

Shaun in the city

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Clifton Suspension Bridge
Historic Site
Clouds over Clifton Suspension Bridge Bristol - CREDIT GARY NEWMAN

The world famous bridge and the iconic symbol of Bristol, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel in 1831 and completed in 1864 after his death

The Avon Gorge by Hotel du Vin
Avon Gorge hotel bedroom

Famous hotel that sits right on top of the spectacular Avon Gorge, with views of the Clifton Suspension Bridge

The White Lion Bar
The White Lion Bar

Restaurant with a private terrace overlooking the Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Village
Shopping in Clifton Village Bristol

Georgian shopping Quarter full of upmarket, independent shops which is a delight to explore.

M Shed
M Shed
Bristol Museum & Art Gallery
Bristol Museum & Art Gallery exterior

Museum and art gallery exhibiting some outstanding collections of art, archaeology, Egyptology and natural history in a magnificent building

Park Street
Park Street Bristol

A great selection of trendy clothes boutiques, music and records stores, bars and restaurants, furniture and art galleries.

Bristol Cathedral
Bristol Cathedral

Much more than a fascinating building, being a fine example of a hall church, it is a centre of Bristol's history, civic life and culture.

Victoria Rooms
Music Hall
The Victoria Rooms University of Bristol

University of Bristol's Department of Music and a grand concert hall, with many classical events held throughout the year.

Royal West of England Academy
Royal West of England Academy of Arts Ruffin-Ferraby-Taylor-LLP

Bristol's first art gallery, housing over 1200 works of art from 19th century to the present day, a coffee shop and a small gift shop.