If you’re a fan of mysteries, puzzle solving and have great teamwork skills then Puzzlair is for you. Pressure, excitement, confusion, frustration and glee were just a few of the feelings I experienced at Puzzlair.

The newest addition to the Puzzlair Bristol collection, Puzzlair 2 is ready and waiting. It is tucked away in an unassuming warehouse not far from Temple Meads train station on the outskirts of Old Market.

I had little to no idea what to expect before arriving which made the whole experience a lot more real as I was on edge before I even entered the room and the pressure mounts from there. It’s this that makes writing about my experience so hard. I can’t go in to much detail without giving a lot away so apologies for being vague. All I can do is recommend you try it out for yourself, if you go with it and get involved it’s a really rewarding, enjoyable experience.

Upon arrival you are briefed by the ultra charismatic Gabor in a room which is covered in what can only described as ‘tags’ in felt tip from previous ‘challengers’ some are gloating about how fast they escaped the room, others have written secret clues for you to overthink before descending upon the task ahead. My advice, ignore the walls before you enter, lots of false leads that really don’t help. After the brief you are led into a small room filled with interesting objects and locked in. You are then given 1 hour to search for clues, solve a mystery and escape. It’s not like anything I’ve done before, Puzzlair is a great team building experience that really feeds your inquisitive side and makes you question everything.

Advice – If you choose to embark on the challenge and I highly suggest you do, take nothing on face value, be organised and take it seriously. In return you’ll have a very enjoyable hour with your group and a great sense of accomplishment, should you get out in time.. Each 1 hour session is something that you can only do once however if you finish and are biting at the bit for more you can swap over into  another room and start all over again.

Oli Paton