Ahead of Father's Day on Sunday we spoke to some Bristol dads to get their thoughts on things to do in the city with kids, or just as a special treat for being a top dad... 

Roni Size, DJ  

Bristol’s pioneering drum ‘n’ bass DJ is dad to Ashlee, 27, Levi, 26, Kai, 25, and Grace, 11. 

Image - Roni Size and family 

What’s your favourite thing to do in Bristol with your kids? 

"This is a great question... every Thursday my daughter Grace and I go to Tinto Lounge on Gloucester Road and have a small meal before she heads off to modern dance class. It’s important she is fuelled up as she has quite a long session lasting around an hour and a half. Then it's down Gloucester Road to the sweet shop where she has a budget of a pound... it's kind of sweets meets maths. I also have boys who are now young men and we all share a passion for the love of Bristol Rovers, so we try to go to as many games as we can."

Where would you go for the ideal Father’s Day treat? 

"Well I'm a St. Andrews boy and I do love north Bristol... I would suggest setting up a family enclosure in St. Andrews Park with a barbecue on a perfect sunny day."

Pete Lord, Aardman Animations  

The Creative Director and Co-Owner of Aardman Animations is father to Tom, 38, Ian, 32, and Helen, 35.

Image - Pete Lord and sons 

Where would you like to go for the perfect Father’s Day treat?

"If someone did want to treat me on Father’s Day – or actually any day – I’d choose to eat at the Ethicurean in the Walled Garden at Wrington.

The thing is that apart from the food being utterly amazing, and apart from the fact that they make some very glorious cocktails, and their own Vermouth - apart from the fine-dining part of the experience - it’s in such a beautiful location. It’s on the south-facing (and therefore sun-drenched) side of a valley, looking out towards the Mendips. It’s also set in a greenhouse (but don’t worry, they’ve got the air circulation sorted - you don’t get broiled) and the greenhouse is at the top of a fabulous, huge vegetable garden – so that’s where your vegetables are coming from. Food-miles: zero.

And if the weather is halfway kind you can eat like a minor–Royal while feasting your eyes on this beautiful landscape. Admittedly it could be a bit annoying for the person on the other side of the table because while you might be listening closely and paying full attention, you’re looking past their ear and checking out the play of sunlight on distant meadows. But hey, they can twist round and look too.

The food is just wonderful and certainly fresh because you always see one of the chefs tramping round the garden culling herbs and stuff for the meal you’re about to eat. Couldn’t be fresher.

Also the food isn’t fancy or fussy, but often it’s incredibly interesting. You find yourself amazed by something which – quite honestly – you’re not going to cook at home. Well, I’m not. I’m just looking at the menu now online and - you know - pickled kohlrabi? Cardamom labneh? These aren’t usually on the menu at the Lords’ household.

So for specialness, for delighting the taste buds, for great atmosphere and a beautiful location. This isn’t a hint or anything, I’m just saying…"

Tony Goring, Bristol Dads

Tony helps run Bristol Dads which brings local dads together to share their hopes, fears and inspiration around fatherhood. He has two sons, Peter, 4, and Robin, 2. 

Image - Tony Goring and son Peter

What’s your favourite thing to do in the city with your boys?

"Our favourite thing to do in Bristol: visiting Brunel’s ss Great Britain, it's an absolute bargain at £12.50 for an adult (children under five go free) and you can return as many times as you like for a year! We go once a month as it's easy for a 43-year-old and three-year-old to explore."

Where would you go for the perfect Father’s Day treat in the city?

"This year, we are going to the Big Fish Little Fish kid's rave at the Trinity Centre. Family fun for the post-rave generation of parents, which we're really looking forward to: it'll be smart, and a great way to spend the afternoon with your young kids."

Bristol Dads' SaturDads group meets on the first Saturday of the month at South Street/Compass Point school, and the Family Stay & Play group at Redcliffe Children's Centre on the third Saturday of the month. The Dadly Arts - A Fatherhood Fiesta – is on 11 July.  

John Hirst, Chief Executive 

John, Destination Bristol's Chief Executive, is father to 13-year-old Adam.

Image - John Hirst and son Adam 

What do you most like to do in Bristol with Adam?

"Our favourite place to go is into the centre of Bristol perhaps to do some shopping and have something to eat. Then a wander over to Harbourside for a meander around, just following the action (there usually is some ) and then taking some snaps for the memories and to improve our photographic skills... which are beginning to improve after much practice."

Turroe, graffiti artist

Turroe has been involved in the Bristol graffiti scene for over 20 years. He is dad to son Jack, 12, and daughter Libby, 7.  

Image - Turroe with his son and daughter

What’s your favourite thing to do in Bristol with Jack and Libby?

"This one’s a bit difficult because I have a boy and a girl so they sometimes like different things. It could be the cinema or swimming somewhere special, but bowling tends to do the trick for the both of them. But it usually doesn’t matter as long as we’re spending some time together."

Where would you go for the perfect Father’s Day treat in the city? 

"For the last few years, we’ve gone for a meal at Frankie and Benny’s followed by the cinema which is quite nice, but this year they’ve allowed me the day off so I can go painting. So if the weather is okay, that’s what I’ll be doing!"

Jeremy Tavare, father of cricketer Will Tavare

Jeremy is father to Gloucestershire Cricket player Will Tavare, 26, and two other sons.


Image - Will Tavare, Gloucestershire Cricket 

What was your favourite thing to do in Bristol when Will and his brothers were young?

"My favourite thing to do when the boys were small was to take them to Bristol Zoo Gardens and, if Alison my wife was working and had the car, we’d climb onto the bus and make it into a big adventure! It wasn’t just the animals that were special and so interesting, but the play areas and family friendliness which were probably ahead of their time. Now the boys are grown up our favourite thing when visitors come to stay is to take them on a scenic tour of Bristol together - it doesn’t take long for them to realise why we all love Bristol so much!"

Where would they go for the perfect Father’s Day treat in Bristol?

"I would go and watch sport!  Indeed, my perfect Father’s Day treat was being witness to England resoundingly beat Australia on a one day international at The Brightside Ground in Bristol in 2005, watching the ball sail over our heads on a frequent basis - all three of my boys were there, Alison and lots of close friends on a beautiful hot sunny day. We occasionally see highlights of the game on the television and can see ourselves soaking it up in the crowd. Frankly, the day couldn’t have been better!"


M Shed
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The Mall at Cribbs Causeway
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The Mall at Cribbs Causeway

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