Here's a sneak peek at some of the incredible artists taking part in Bristol's amazing weekend of art this weekend, at urban paint festival Upfest and The Other Art Fair at Arnolfini art gallery...

Upfest: Europe's largest street art and graffiti festival

Gemma Compton

Image - Gemma Compton, Upfest 2016's headline artist

Bristol based artist and fashion designer Gemma Compton is Upfest’s 2016 headline artist, and is the first female artist to be awarded this post. Highly detailed and incredibly vivid, Gemma’s style is instantly identifiable and can be found from garments to gallery walls across the UK. Visitors to Upfest will be treated to a double whammy of Gemma’s work, as she recently painted an incredible mural on the front of the Upfest gallery on North Street, which you can visit on your way to seeing her painting live outside North Street’s Brewery Theatre.


Image - Mr Graff by Cheo, Upfest 

One of Bristol’s most well known street artists, Cheo first began painting his unique graffiti characters in the mid 80’s. His hugely recognisable style can be seen across the city and ‘Kleemu’ his trademark bumblebee is recognised the world over. Catch Cheo painting a huge mural of the latest addition to the Mr Men Little Miss family, Mr Graff at the Tobacco Factory.  


Image - PichiAvo, Upfest 

A Spanish duo that paints as one, PichiAvo should not be missed this year. With a penchant for high-renaissance, PichiAvo combine the worlds of modern street art and 16th century Florence to create pieces that astonish and amaze. Expect a heady concoction of the ancient and the modern, which remixes classics from the European art scene’s illustrious past while rewriting the rulebook on what is ‘art’. 


Image - Cheba, Upfest 

If you were to pick two words to describe Cheba’s work, it would be cosmic funk. A pioneer of the modern poster and sticker culture, Cheba’s work began in the early 2000’s with striking yet simplistic characters. Shortly after this Cheba began working with a spray can and developed his impressive freehand style. You’re probably more familiar with his work than you realise, the cosmic landscape that covers The Full Moon in Stokes Croft... that’s Cheba.

Louis Masai

Image - Louis Masai, Upfest

Louis Masai uses his art to speak out for those without a voice, namely the endangered species of the world, with his recent work outlining the plight of bees, rhinos, pandas and more. London-based Louis has been visiting Upfest for a few years now and this year has been given the challenge of painting the enormous concrete canvas that is Redpoint Climbing centre, where he’ll be situated throughout the weekend. Just a short way from North Street, this is a must visit location this weekend. 

The Other Art Fair: Discover up and coming talent at Arnolfini art gallery 

Ben Eine

Image - Ben Eine, The Other Art Fair 

World-renowned street artist Ben Eine will be releasing an exclusive limited edition print from his popular ‘Letter Series’ at The Other Art Fair this weekend. Honouring Bristol’s pirate past, Eine’s P for Pirate will be on sale exclusively at the fair. Art lovers will be able to get their hands on a six colour limited edition print, inspired by Bristol’s legendary pirate tales, including the story of the infamous Blackbeard, who had a hiding place in the caves under St Mary Redcliffe and whose birthplace and childhood home still stands on Bristol’s Harbourside

The UK’s first ever Instagram gallery

Image - The Other Art Fair 

We’re aware this isn’t specific artist, but this year The Other Art Fair will feature a live Instagram gallery filled with the work of some of Bristol’s best amateur photographers. The Other Art Fair invited the city’s Instagram community into the private studios of some of the artists who will be exhibiting at the fair this weekend. Printed in Polaroid form and combined to create a unique installation, the pictures will use the hashtags #IgersBristol #TheOtherArtFair and a live stream will also be displayed at The Other Art Fair, creating the UK’s first ever Instagram exhibition.

Martin Parr

Image - Martin Parr, The Other Art Fair 

One of the UK most well known photographers, Martin Parr will be exhibiting his work in a kitsch British pop-up restaurant and bar, offering an immersive photo-culinary experience as his work is recreated on plates and in glasses as part of a unique four-course tasting menu. Parr is the guest artist for The Other Art Fair and will also be releasing two limited edition signed prints exclusively for the event. This opportunity will take place during the Private View for the event, featuring over 130 new and emerging artists.

Greg Harris

Image - 'Self-portrait' by Greg Harris, The Other Art Fair 

Striking portraits and stunning landscapes are what Greg Harris is known for. Born in Chelmsford, Greg and his wife globe trotted before settling down in Bristol a few years ago. His paintings have a distinctly clean and fresh style, and employ carefully considered colour combinations which make his work even more vibrant. This year will be Greg’s second time at The Other Art Fair and he’ll be painting live throughout Saturday afternoon, so pop by and watch him do what he does best... paint.

Julia Vogl

Image - Julia Vogl, The Other Art Fair 

Julia Vogl brings a playful, interactive project titled ‘Time To Kill’ to The Other Art Fair; inviting visitors to examine their own art fair experiences through her new colourful installation. Her social sculptures are inspired by political events, social behaviour and local communities. Her notable public commissions can be found on both sides of the Atlantic; a Krakow pretzel trolley, Bristol Cemetery and the transformation of a Virginia car park into a cultural hotspot. 

By Upfest/The Other Art Fair