To Bristol’s famous string of b’s – Brunel, Banksy, balloons, bridges – we must surely now add bakes! We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to star bakers, filling almost every area of the city with the tantalising aromas emanating from their ovens. 

So since it’s National Cake Week, we decided to sniff out the very best by asking our followers on Twitter: Where is your favourite place to eat cake in Bristol? 

Decadent chocolate cake decorated in gold leaf and figs, but Ahh Toots, Bristol

Image - One of Ahh Toots' incredible creations 

Just in time for your afternoon treat, here are the results…

1. Hart’s Bakery

Raspberry and lemon friands from Hart's Bakery, Bristol

Image - Hart's Bakery's fabulous friands  

There’s not a foodie in the city who doesn’t rave about Hart’s. Visit any lunchtime (Tuesday to Saturday) and you’ll join a queue of devotees all clamouring for some of Laura Hart and friends’ lovingly baked goodies, from bread and pastries to cereal bars and cakes. Their selection of seasonal bakes has included such finger-licking fancies as raspberry and lemon drizzle friands and chocolate cashew praline cake. Oh, and we must bend the definition of cake slightly just to mention the dreamy custard tarts available from Thursday to Saturday each week. Arch 35, Lower Approach Rd, Temple Meads, BS1 6QS

2. Pinkmans

Sourdoughnuts at Pinkmans, Bristol

Image - Pinkmans' popular sourdoughnuts 

One of Park Street’s newer additions already has a legion of loyal fans. Owner Steven Whibley says, “I tend to recommend our lemon brulee shortbread tart, although our carrot cake has a huge following.” Not strictly cake, we realise, but Pinkmans is also a sweet spot for sourdoughnuts: “The pastry chefs enjoy making them the most as we try and come up with fun and interesting flavours. We’ve just finished with the black forest gateaux doughnut and started on the ‘Elvis’ - peanut butter cream, pear jelly and nut brittle.” 85 Park Street, BS1 5PJ

3. Ahh Toots

Beautiful cupcakes decorated with purple and white flowers by Ahh Toots, Bristol

Image - Ahh Toots' beautiful botanicals 

The cherry on top of any visit to St Nick’s Market is an ogle at the lavish delights on display at this charming cakery. As well as creating extravagant cake installations to order they also make beautiful bites perfect for post-lunch naughtiness. Ahh Toots’ Tamarind Galliford says: “Making a special cake for someone is one of our favourite things, from show-stopping wedding cakes to decadent birthday numbers that taste as good as they look.” 4-8 Glass Arcade, St Nicholas Market, BS1 1LJ

4. Mark’s Bread 

Long a favourite among the discerning Southville crowd for its lovely loaves, Mark’s Bread has even more to offer than its eponymous bake. From gluten and dairy free orange and almond squares to marvellously moist classics like lemon drizzle and chocolate fudge, this bakery's cakes are also bang on the mark. Best enjoyed with a locally roasted Extract coffee from the cafe. 291 North Street, Southville, BS3 1JU

5. Source Food Hall & Café 

Squares of moist cake from Source, Bristol

Image - Squares of deliciousness at Source 

This top notch café and gourmet grocery is another staple for Bristol’s sweet-toothed snackers. Source’s Liz Carrad says, “Salted caramel and cherry brownie is my most popular cake, but I like the rum babas as they are a grown-up version of a much maligned and dumbed-down 1970s classic. When things are made well and with good ingredients and care you can’t go too wrong.” 1-3 Exchange Avenue, St Nicholas Market, BS1 1JW

And just in case the above still aren't quite enough to satisfy your appetite for all things sweet, the following also come highly recommended by our followers:

Joe’s Bakery 240-242 Gloucester Road, Horfield, BS7 8NZ

East Bristol Bakery 112 St Marks Road, Easton, BS5 6JD

Anna Cake Couture 7A Boyce's Ave, Clifton, BS8 4AA


St Nicholas Market
St Nicks Market Corn St

Established in 1743 St Nicholas Market is the oldest and best loved market in Bristol, famous for some of the best food in the city.