Bristol Zoo Gardens and Wild Place Project have seen all sorts of cute new arrivals in recent months, from red panda cubs to two tiny okapi calves. Read on to find out more about their latest little residents (then go and see them in real life)...

Baby red panda at Bristol Zoo Gardens

The red panda pair had their first baby last summer. The youngster, named Mali, remained well hidden inside a nest box for the first few months, completely dependent on her mother for food, but can now be seen exploring her enclosure, alongside mum, at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

Okapi calves at Wild Place Project

Two okapi calves were born at Wild Place Project last year, a fantastic boost for the captive breeding programme for these animals, which are among the rarest species in captivity. The first, Ruby, was born in May to mum Kibibi, and the second, Kimosi, in November, to mum Lodja. There are just 15 okapi in the UK, so these births are a huge boost to the breeding programme for these endangered animals.

Ring-tailed lemurs at Wild Place Project

New arrivals can often be spotted in the Madagascar exhibit at Wild Place Project, and its most recent arrivals include baby ring-tailed lemurs which visitors can get up close to in the walk-through enclosure. Last year, five ring-tailed lemur babies were born, including two sets of twins. The first youngster was born in March, followed by twins in March and June. The new arrivals take the total number of ring-tailed lemurs in Discover Madagascar to 18. The walk-through exhibit is also home to three other lemur species - mongoose lemurs, white-belted ruffed lemurs and red-bellied lemurs – as well as African pygmy goats.

Baby gorilla at Bristol Zoo Gardens 

Afia the baby gorilla was born by emergency caesarean at Bristol Zoo Gardens last year after her mum, Kera, suffered life-threatening pre-eclampsia in the late stages of pregnancy. Kera was too unwell to care for her infant, so keepers had no choice but to hand-rear Afia to ensure her survival. For the next 10 months, keepers cared for Afia round-the-clock until she was old enough to begin gradually meeting the other gorillas. Romina was identified as the best surrogate mother for Afia as she displayed good, protective behaviours. Staggered introductions took place with all the gorillas over a period of weeks and Afia’s gradual introduction into the gorilla troop went smoothly and safely. Afia recently celebrated her first birthday, and can now be seen alongside all six other members of the gorilla family, playing and relaxing together exactly as a completely normal gorilla infant would.

Hugo the baby hippo at Bristol Zoo Gardens 

A baby pygmy hippo made a splash at Bristol Zoo Gardens in September. The baby boy was named Hugo following a public vote. The species is endangered and it is thought less than 2,000 survive in the wild.


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