Did you know Bristol has its own currency? Laurie King and team tell us their favourite foodie places to spend it... #FoodFriday

Image - The Bristol Pound team (from left: Laurie, Ruby, Adam, Anna and Ciaran)

We at the Bristol Pound love the variety of local eateries around Bristol – especially those proud to accept Bristol’s own money and spend it in local supply chains. Using Bristol Pounds is a great way to explore new businesses and areas of the city – using the online map or the app to see where you can spend them. I asked the team to recommend some Bristol Pound restaurants they have discovered...

Ruby, Membership:

“I love Poco on Cheltenham Road – it's all about local, organic, seasonal tapas. It’s a little shoe box restaurant on Stokes Croft; cosy but cool. All the options are listed on a big blackboard and there's new dishes every day. They’ve got scrumptious sourdough and amazing cocktails - definitely one of my favourite places to spend Bristol Pounds.”

Ciaran, Chief Executive:

“My closest restaurants both take Bristol Pounds, the Thali Café and Bell’s Diner, and offer very different but equally delicious food and a great atmosphere. I also love the nearby Gallimaufry, as the food is top notch, the staff are friendly and they allow children and dogs – perfect! And did I mention La Ruca Cafe, Zazu’s Kitchen, Poco…”

Anna, Team Manager:

“My choice is Old Market Assembly. I love it because they have a log burner! It is always bustling and welcoming and they do terrific local food. Lunch for a fiver is pretty hard to say no to.”

Adam, Communications:

“Often on a Sunday I’ll meet up with my mum and brothers at the Tobacco Factory Café Bar. My mum always reminisces about how her dad used to work there when it was actually a tobacco factory. He’d get chastised by my nan for being in with the unions and stirring up trouble, trying to get equal pay for the women – seems Bristol’s always been a place for progressive politics. I’ll look over the menu for ages before choosing the same thing I always have – the veggie mezze, a feast of rice-stuffed vine leaves, cheeses, hummus, roasted veg, a bunch of pickled things and others. I’ll have a Nova on the side too (brewed across the road at the Bristol Beer Factory). It’s a fantastic place to be as a Bristol Pound user – it’s a Cash Point Plus which means I can withdraw cash straight out of my Bristol Pound account. Mmm, I’ve got that mezze on my mind now… perhaps I’ll arrange to meet up with the family on Sunday!”

Laurie King, Community Liason: 

"A great discovery of mine is No. 1 Harbourside, and not just for its unique riverside location. The food there is always superb; seasonal and locally sourced and the staff are lovely. The menu is based around inclusive dining – so there’s a vegan, a vegetarian and a meat section that offer an equal amount of choice. It’s a vegan's dream to be given such a choice!"

About the author: Laurie does Community Liaison at Bristol Pound. As well as local finance, she is passionate about local food - running a Community Food Centre with Sims Hill Shared Harvest. When she is not eating, or thinking about food, she likes to escape the city and enjoy the mountains (and of course, a good picnic).

Why not try spending Bristol Pounds when you’re on the look out for a feast and discover somewhere new? Check out the Bristol Pound website for more information or download the app to see a map of all the Bristol Pound businesses in the city.


The Old Market Assembly
The Old Market Assembly

The Old Market Assembly is a responsibly out-of-control restaurant/theatre/bakery and music venue. It's quite simply Bristol's most exciting cultural venue. We can't think of a reason not to go.

The Tobacco Factory Cafe Bar
The Tobacco Factory Cafe Bar

The Tobacco Factory is a large, contemporary cafe bar in south Bristol, at the heart of a bustling community.

No. 1 Harbourside
No. 1 Harbourside

No.1 Harbourside celebrates the best of Bristol and the south west with their waterside venue where you can find the finest local food, free music, markets and events.

Bristol Beer Factory Brewery Tour
Bristol Beer Factory

Learn about the brewing process and taste samples of Bristol's very own Bristol Beer Factory beers in a brewery tour.