Visit Bristol intern Iris Vaes reviews the hot new homegrown musical... 

Image - Junkyard at Bristol Old Vic. Credit - Manuel Harlan

This production by Headlong is a great musical that takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. The strong story keeps you on the edge of your seat, while the humour it’s delivered with makes you laugh throughout the whole show. The way they showed that the junkyard was their home, with their group of friends, even made me feel homesick.

The musical, written by Jack Thorne and directed by Jeremy Herrin, is set in 1979 and is about a teacher, Rick (Calum Callaghan), who starts to build a junkyard with seven teenagers, who have their own problematic backgrounds. By doing this he hopes to keep the children off the street and prevent them from heading in the wrong direction. Throughout this process, they are faced with several challenges that make building a good playground difficult.

The actors played their role as teenagers very convincingly. Erin Doherty, who played Fiz, took on his role with ease and also Josef Davies (Ginger), was great and really funny. Kevin McMonagle, who played the headmaster, was hilarious, the way he sang his songs and carried the role was amazing. But the other actors - Scarlett Brookers (Debbie), Calum Callaghan (Rick), Enyi Okoronkwo (Talc), Seyi Omooba (Tilly), Lisa Palfey (Mum), Jack Riffiford (Higgy) and Ciaran Alexander Stewart (Loppy) - cannot go unmentioned in this review as they each played their part perfectly.

The music in the show, written by Stephen Warbeck, was fantastic and the fact that it was played live on stage made it even better. The band, consisting of Nadine Lee (drums), Dario Rosetti-Bonell (Guitar) and Akintayo akinbode (bass), was really a key part of the show. The songs were amazing and sung beautifully by the cast; they fitted really well in the show and in the story.

Altogether, this musical was brilliant. It was funny, but still kept you on the edge of your seat throughout and I would definitely recommend that you go and see it yourself.

Junkyard is playing at Bristol Old Vic until 18 March.