Visit Bristol intern Iris Vaes reviews the feel-good musical based on the hit 90s rom-com of the same name...  

Image - The Wedding Singer featuring John Robyns as Robbie. Credit - Darren Bell

This amazing musical, directed by Nick Winston, is based on the 1998 film starring Adam Sandler. I am probably one of the only people who has never seen the film, so before going into the theatre I had no idea what the show would be about. But as soon as the first song began to play - I was sold. 

The story is set in 1985 and is about Robbie Hart (Jon Robyns) who lives in his grandmother’s basement and is the lead singer of a wedding band that he formed with his best friends, George (Samuel Holmes) and Sammy (Ashley Emmerson). When he gets dumped on his own wedding day, his world collapses. Luckily, he meets Julia Sullivan (Cassie Compton) the day before his wedding who tries to cheer him up with help from Holly (Roxanne Pallett), Sammy and George. He falls in love with her, but she is engaged to the rich and handsome Glenn Guglia (Ray Quinn).

All the actors in the show were incredible, but there were a few actors who really stood out for me. Firstly, the two main roles played by Jon Robyns (Robbie Hart) and Cassie Compton (Julia). Jon was great and very convincing and also Cassie, who has a gorgeous voice, was very good. Ruth Madoc was hilarious, she played the role of grandmother Rosie perfectly, and Samuel Holmes was very funny as George.

The music, produced by Matthew Sklar, really added something to the show. Most of the songs were upbeat and funny, but there were also a few beautiful ballads. They couldn’t have found a better opening than ‘It’s Your Wedding Day’, which really started the show with a bang.

This great musical caught my attention from the first song and it stayed that way long after the last actor had left the stage. It was upbeat and entertaining and I would definitely recommend going to see it.

The Wedding Singer is playing at Bristol Hippodrome until 18 March 2017.