Bristol is full to the brim with world-class breweries, so we asked Simon Boddy to round up a few of them ahead of the Bristol Craft Beer Festival from 15-17 September.

Bristol Craft Beer Festival 2017

Bringing together the best of Bristol’s breweries with the most creative from the rest of the UK and around the world, Bristol Craft Beer Festival will return for a second year on the 15th – 17th September for a truly independent beer celebration, with over 200 beers from 20 breweries.

Here are just some of Bristol breweries who will be taking part in the festival - many of them based only a stone's throw away from where the event is taking place. If you can't wait until September to try their wares, many of them are also involved in the East Bristol Brewery Trail on 29 & 30 April.

Left Handed Giant

Headed up by proper beer aficionados Bruce, Jack and Rich, Left Handed Giant are a regular fixture at King Street’s Small Bar and while they do a lot of their brewing across the South West, they produce small batch beers from their East Bristol taproom.

Forever changing and evolving, no two LHG recipes are the same and while the guys will usually stick to a same range of styles, their IPAs and Pales are always growing and use the freshest ingredients around.

Good Chemistry Brewing

Bob and Kelly are the dynamic duo behind Good Chemistry Brewing. Together they are the epitome of independent - brewing, packaging, cleaning, selling, and delivering their beer as an incredibly hard-working duo.

Bob would be the first to admit that he’s a bit of a beer geek and he puts it down to home-brewing. Bob used to work for Wiper & True and Great Western Brewing; in fact his application for GWB was a few bottles of his homebrew - they hired him on the spot.

Bristol Craft Beer Festival

Moor Beer Co.

Named after the Levels and Moors area of Somerset where the brewery first originated, Moor Beer was reborn in 2007 when Californian Justin Hawke purchased the defunct business. Since then he’s taken it from strength to strength and made Moor into one of the world’s top breweries.

Moor were the first brewery to produce a CAMRA accredited canned real ale, and they continue to push the boundaries of brewing using modern technology and creating some rather delicious libations along the way.

Lost and Grounded

Relative newbies to the Bristol brewing scene, Lost and Grounded started up in 2015 and brewed their first batch in July 2016. Head honcho Alex Troncoso has some serious brewing pedigree, having previously worked for Little Creatures and Camden. 

Taking inspiration from Belgian and German techniques, Lost and Grounded brew the beer they want to drink, but in their own unique way. Drinkers can expect some immaculate lager style beers as well as some delicious Belgian and farmhouse ales.

Wild Beer Co.

Now boasting a popular bar of their own in Bristol's harbourside district of Wapping Wharf, Wild Beer create unusual yet well balanced and complex beers, using ingredients as diverse as seaweed, passion fruit and even mushrooms!

Craft Beer Festival

Wiper & True

One of the reasons for the Craft Beer Festival coming to Bristol, Wiper & True came from humble beginnings, with their first beers brewed in their kitchen. Always creative and never dull, Wiper and True continuously endeavor to perfect their beers, opting to for the freshest ingredients available.

And here are just a few of the other more far flung breweries you'll find at the Bristol Craft Beer Festival:

  • Harbour Brewing Co. - Cornwall
    A Cornwall-based craft beer brewery founded by a surfer, what’s not to love! The guys at Harbour are quite progressive with their beers and have a wide range of full flavoured beers... and in true surfer style they even have a surf cam on their website!
  • Mikkeller - Denmark
    Starting out from humble beginnings in Copenhagen, brewers Mikkel & Keller (see where the names comes from!) began in their small flat and haven’t looked back since. Now they export their micro-brewed beer to 40 countries and are one of the most internationally acclaimed and cutting edge brewers around.
  • Sierra Nevada - California
    Inspired by the mountains from which they take their name, Sierra Nevada’s brews are made to be as bold and unwavering as granite peaks of California. The creation of California native Ken Grossman in 1979, it’s not an understatement to say these guys were at the forefront of the craft beer scene.
  • Brasserie De La Senne - Belgium
    Created by masterful brewers Yvan De Baets and Bernard Leboucq this small brewery is one of the finest in the world. They work in a very traditional way, honouring the methods of this country’s fine brewing heritage and creating beers that are unfiltered, unpasteurised and using only the finest raw ingredients.

Bristol Craft Beer Festival will be at Motion from 15-17 September. Tickets are now on sale and are priced at £38 for entry, unlimited small pours (100ml) of any beer, a free beer tasting glass and a festival programme.


Bristol Craft Beer Festival at Motion
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Bristol Craft Beer Festival

Bringing together the best of Bristol’s breweries with the most creative from the rest of the UK and around the world, Bristol Craft Beer Festival will return for a second year from 15 to 17 September for a true independent beer celebration.

Moor Beer Co
Moor Beer Co

Their shop is currently open for takeaway and they are offering a free home delivery service in Bristol plus free courier delivery on orders over £50 nationwide