The Bristol artist prepares to launch his latest exhibition in a very unique space... 

Image - Work from Greg Harris' upcoming exhibition 

Thick, unctuous smears of paint; colours so bold they shouldn’t harmonise; you can almost smell Greg Harris’ work before you see them. If painting is your thing, this is not a show to be missed.

Set in the wonderfully atmospheric cellars of Averys Wine Merchants near Park Street, Harris has installed a collection of over 20 paintings that cover the last four years of his work up until the present. The figurative works are based on people Harris has either met through his travels – from a Canadian pianist to an Indian potter – or are individuals he knows more intimately (including himself and his wife). The landscapes are no exceptions, covering such local landscapes as the bridge (you know which one!) to a Tokyo alley at night.

Whilst perusing his works, you may also be tempted by Averys collection of over 1,000 wines from across the world. Since 1793, they’ve had a shop in Bristol and have a long history as pioneers of the British wine trade (including being the first commercial importer of New Zealand wine in the UK). Their olde worlde red brick interior of arches and pillars, wall-to-wall wines, and ancient wine barrels, create a truly exceptional setting to view Harris’ work.

Greg Harris' exhibition launches on 21 April 2017 (6-9pm) and runs from 5 April-4 July at Averys Wine Merchants. Admission is free. 


Averys Wine Merchants
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Averys Wine Merchants

Bristol’s oldest wine merchants based in the heart of the city with wonderful traditional Cellars that are open to the public Monday to Saturday.