Anna Kilcooley gives her verdict on the multi-award winning musical as it returns to Bristol...

In a tale as relevant today as its conception in the 80’s, Blood Brothers tells the tale of the divide between two worlds on the same street. 

Separated at birth, the tale centres around twins Mickey and Eddie, as ‘alike as two new pins’. Given up to a middle-class family, Eddie wants for nothing, finding himself eventually at university, while Mickey’s life takes a very different path through the deprived streets of 60’s Liverpool.

Audiences at the Hippodrome were treated to Lyn Paul in the maternal role, voted the definitive Mrs Johnstone and a veteran in the role. With a voice that offers effortless power, she offers the emotional depth required for the role. Dean Chisnall in the role of the narrator quietly steals the show, with a voice that leaves you desperate for his character to return and portrayal of the narrator which sends shivers down the spine whenever he appears. 

However, as in any production of Blood Brothers, the show finds its success with the roles of Mickey and Eddie, tremendously played by Sean Jones and Mark Hutchinson respectively. It’s no easy task to play a character from 7 (nearly 8) years old over the course of 3 hours, but they pull it off remarkably, with laughs and light-heartedness dotted throughout the otherwise heavy narrative.  

After a final shocking scene (which had audience members jumping from their seats) and the famed closing song, ‘Tell Me It’s Not True’ in which Sarah Jane Buckley as Mrs Lyons’ voice shone through, the cast cemented their place in Blood Brothers history.

With a well-deserved standing ovation and three curtain calls, it’s a show which will continue to engross audiences for years to come. 

Blood Brothers is at Bristol Hippodrome until 22 April.