Iris Vaes lets loose the child within in this playful show about fears and anxieties...

What if the plane

I was very curious what this show was going to be like. When I walked into the theatre my curiosity increased, as there were small goodie bags containing a piece of paper, a pen and a balloon on every seat. I needn't have worried, because this show produced by Idiotic Child was hilarious and very entertaining. 

What If The Plane Falls Out Of The Sky is an interactive show about fears and how to overcome them. Three siblings have been waiting 19 years for their parents to return from a journey and according to the very accurate calculations of the three, the day of their return is finally here, so they should be home in in the next hour.

They have pulled through 19 years without their parents with the help of each other and above all with help of Jeff, who speaks to them through the boombox. Even though they have never seen Jeff, they know he is real. Jeff has helped them to overcome their fears and anxieties in 3 steps, and for everything they overcome they get a badge. Having learned everything, they are now going to teach us how to overcome our own fears in Fear Camp.

Susie Riddell plays the oldest sibling who takes care of her younger brother and sister, putting in a strong performance and showing the rollercoaster of emotions that her character is going through very well.

Adam Fuller plays the only boy of the family, with the highlight of his performance containing a lot of glitter... The youngest sister is played by Emma Keaveny-Roys, who also put on an impressive performance.

What If The Plane Falls Out Of The Sky is a show full of humour, entertainment and music. You'll learn a little on how to tackle your own demons and maybe, just maybe, Jeff will give you a badge for doing so well. 

What If The Plane Falls Out Of The Sky can be seen in the Loco Klub until 13 May. If you missed it, don’t worry, it will also be playing at Theatre Tropicana in Weston -super-Mare from 25-27 May.