This weekend we have stallwart of the Bristol food scene With Mustard taking over our account, so expect some mouthwatering pictures...

With Mustard food

With Mustard started in 2012 to spread the word about Bristol's vibrant and burgeoning food scene with the odd recipe thrown in. Since the arrival of one Mini Mustard however, blog posts have become fitful, but the love of Bristol food and this gorgeous city continues via Instagram.

Recently With Mustard has branched into events with Eat Your Words Bristol, celebrating the cookbook and the act of eating together. Meeting every two months, the aim is to discuss and 'eat' classic cookbooks whilst sat at the table of some of Bristol’s finest restaurants and cafes, dipping into dishes from the very pages being discussed.

With Mustard Bravas

We can't think of a better person to give our followers a taste of what to expect from Bristol - just expect to feel very hungry after seeing their pics!

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With Mustard