This brilliant new work is about the struggles of a young society – anger, protest, power and rebellion. It explores the conflicts between generations, something we're all too familiar with nowadays. The young actors in T***k You take a stand against the changes caused by governmental reforms, covering contemporary issues of the day, such as the recent election and Brexit. They feel the decisions have not been made to support them but to restrict and constrain them. The nation has made some unexpected political choices in the recent past, and our future might feel more scary than just uncertain. They feel lost and ignored, they need a guiding light and somebody who simply listens to them without judging. It probably mirrors a real attitude of young people in the contemporary world. 

The performance takes the form of a series of sketches; little talks, song dances, monologues and arguments, each one looking at a different aspect of life . It is performed by using their “tools”: Voice - Scream, Body - Dance, Mind – Language.

They have all worked very  hard to ensure each individual gets chance to showcase their talent. All seventeen actors are very talented and I was quite impressed by their skills.  I'm looking forward to seeing more young people involved in similar projects.