We’ve picked a selection of our favourite blogs, Instagram posts and tweets from recent visitors to Bristol…

The recent #ColoursofBristol exhibition at Arnolfini, by rogerturner6 on Instagram

Whether it's a discovering a row of colourful houses and street murals, marvelling at the interior of Bristol Cathedral or tucking into some delicious snacks at a food market, it's always good to be reminded just how much there is to experience around Bristol, regardless of your tastes and budget.

Here are a few highlights from our visitors over the past few weeks - remember to tag #VisitBristol in your posts about the city!

Kobra Upfest 2017
Kobra at Upfest 2017, Credit: Inspiring City

The Top 20 Artworks from Upfest 2017

Bristol has put its name on the map for street art in the past few years, starting with the worldwide fame of Bristol-born Banksy, followed by huge street art events such as See No Evil and, for the past five years, Upfest.

In this blog Inspiring City have put together a handy highlights list of the most magnificent murals and stylish stencils from this year’s festival.

Eat Like a Local
Credit: Eat Like a Local

Eating like a local in Bristol

Food blogger Yoko Meshi shares her favourite places for breakfast, dinner and cocktails in the short but sweet guide - expect to feel hungry once you’ve read it!

Wapping Wharf
Illustration by Miss Magpie Fashion Spy

Place I Love: Wapping Wharf

Wapping Wharf is the newest district in the harbour, and it’s already a huge hit!

The area is packed full of local independent businesses, some of which are based in old shipping containers! Niki from Miss Magpie Fashion Spy guides us through the best bits of this exciting part of town - a top notch itinerary!

Beautiful Bristol

Katie loves visiting Bristol so much that she decided to write a list of what makes it so special - and we couldn’t agree with her more! From the harbourside to gorgeous green spaces (plus a visit to a spa), you’ll come away from this blog with plenty of inspiration.

Ballooning in Bristol

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2017, Credit: Thewanderingdarlings

Ballooning in Bristol

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is one of the summer highlights for the city, and this blog captures the mood perfectly - including some fabulous balloon shots!

And finally, we'll end on this serene harbour scene from _tim__brown__ on Instagram...

Remember to tag us in your adventures around Bristol using the hashtag #VisitBristol, and maybe we'll feature your posts next time!

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