Wes Thompson is an Account Manager for Extract Coffee Roasters who spends his days between the St Werburgh’s based roastery and the plethora of incredible coffee spots serving up Extract coffee throughout Bristol. Here he spills the beans on his favourite places to eat and drink in the city:

Wes Thompson

Image - Wes Thompson

Harts Bakery

The coffee is just as good as their baking, and that is saying something! Try their veggie pasties, Aloo Gobi is a lot more interesting than cheese and onion trust me!

Crazy Fox

Going shopping in Cabot Circus doesn’t mean having to make do with ‘chain store’ coffee. Crazy Fox has two single origins on at the moment and has just opened up their coffee van. There's plenty of sofas and space and a cheeky beer selection if the Christmas shopping is getting too much.


Obviously, I have a vested interest, but the Espresso BBQ wings from Asado are some of the best I've ever tried ever. EVER. The burgers are epic and there’s always a great atmosphere inside, no matter what night of the week you go in. The beer selection is very Bristol heavy too, that can only be a good thing.

The Epiphany Café at Royal West of England Academy

The coffee is fab and recently just moved to a single origin (Peru 121) that Alex (the owner) visited last year with our Founder, Dave. The cakes are delicious and it’s a great place to relax and process all the fantastic art at the RWA.


The Cauldron cooks everything in cast iron cauldrons over charcoal and beech logs to make some absolutely stunning food. They recently started doing Sunday Roasts and there is not one person in the roastery who isn't talking about this place. Watch this space…


If you really want a chill brunch with lots of natural light, friendly service and great food, this is my pick for the Clifton and Whiteladies Road area.

About the author:

When Wes is not drinking (yet another!) coffee he can be found perfecting the basics of Italian cooking with a bottle of Wiper & True’s Autobahn beer in hand. Word on the streets his Carbonara is off the charts!  Wes is part of Extract’s Strong Man team - raising money for Movember UK and sending strength to those in need - read more here.

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Royal West of England Academy
Royal West of England Academy of Arts Ruffin-Ferraby-Taylor-LLP

Bristol's first art gallery, housing over 1200 works of art from 19th century to the present day, a coffee shop and a small gift shop.

Clifton Village
Shopping in Clifton Village Bristol

Georgian shopping Quarter full of upmarket, independent shops which is a delight to explore.

Whiteladies Road
Shopping on Whiteladies Road Bristol

One of Bristol's premier shopping areas with independent shops, cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants.