All Kid Carpet wants for Christmas is snow... so he's hired Gary Barlow's ginormous Snow Globe. The show is billed for children aged 3-7 and their families, soI took my 4-year-old along for some festive theatre (a Kid Carpet/Bristol Old Vic co-production at The Lantern at Colston Hall) on a dark December evening...

Kid Carpet - Snow Globe

Image - Kid Carpet & Susie Donkin, credit Paul Blakemore

A luminous turquoise stage representing the snow globe glows in the centre of the intimate performance space, surrounded on three sides by rows of excitable children and behind them, their seated adults. Kid Carpet bounds onto the stage and from then on, the energy in the room is buzzing as we are taken on a journey into a weird and wonderful world of peculiar characters. First up, is his ‘smart fridge’ – a talking robotic device that sounds a lot like Siri and has a many a dry one-liner throughout the show.

Susie Donkin soon appears on stage as a weather forecaster in the first of many outfit and personality changes throughout the show, prompting enthusiastic whispers from my daughter each time she leaves the set – “what will she be next mummy?!”. Donkin’s role sees her transform into Claire Taker the Caretaker, an arctic explorer, Kylie Minogue, footballer Ronaldo (or Messi in this case, following eager demands from a kid in the audience). ‘Punk folk disco music’, funny dancing, evil puffins, theatrical frolics, nursery rhyme mash-ups and comedy ensue as we watch Kid Carpet in his quest for snow. The larks are equally enjoyable for adults who will get more of the comical references perhaps than younger children.

Occasionally the performers dash into the crowd for a spot of audience participation, at one point pulling a reluctant adult – nominated by her brood – to play the part of a snowwoman on stage! There’s also a Mexican and Portuguese Wave for everyone to take part in and snowballs to launch on stage, which keep little minds constantly engaged.

A thoroughly enjoyable wintry treat for families.

kid carpet snow globe

Image - Kid Carpet & Susie Donkin, credit Paul Blakemore

Snow Globe runs from 1 December 2017 - 7 January 2018

10:30 & 13:30 Tuesday - Friday during term time

11:30 & 15:00 Tuesday - Friday during holidays

£13/£8 concessions

Running time approx 1 hour

Review by Angharad Paull


Snow Globe at The Lantern at Colston Hall
Snow Globe at The Lantern at Colston Hall

Join Kid Carpet and his peculiar posse for an evening of original music, comedy and theatrical chaos perfect for families.

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