Best-selling author and wild food and booze connoisseur, Andy Hamilton gives us the lowdown on his favourite places to eat and drink in Bristol for this week’s #FoodFriday…

Andy Hamilton

Image - Andy Hamilton

The Eating Room, Wells Road

Sian, who runs The Eating Room has been meticulous about every aspect of this little gem of a place but in a way that seems very casual. You feel like you have gone back in time to the setting of Abigail's party. Thankfully, the food and wine is highly contemporary and delicious and they also have Moor beer on tap - perfect!

Desi, Wells Road

When this place was undergoing their refit to change it from the excellent Duchess of Totterdown we were all a little confused. It seems too small to be a restaurant, yet I feel this is half of its charm. Like The Eating Room, it has that front room feel to it and the food is lovely too, proper home-cooked Indian. I'd recommend trying one of their Mango Lassis - tasty and really good for your bacteria.

Deli at Sandy Park

A new addition to BS4 and although they don't sell hot food, you can build your own sandwich using some of the finest Italian meats and cheeses. Those who used to frequent the sadly missed Duchess of Totterdown will find a slice of it here as Dee, part owner of the Deli, used to be part owner of that wonderful café and she has taken her accomplished baking skills with her. Try one of her sausage rolls and you'll never go to Greggs again.

La Ruca

This café above a health food shop on Gloucester Road would be easy to miss and as such, it feels like everyone who comes in are all in on its little secret. The menu is Chilean-inspired, which means quesadillas and enchiladas, fresh ingredients, cheap and a great atmosphere. It always holds a soft spot for me too as it was the first place I ate out in Bristol. 

Source Café

Source was somewhere that opened up when I first moved to Bristol and the deli suddenly gave us access to really good food. With knowledgeable staff too, it is always a great starting point for my continuing food education.  When they opened the café side I was very eager to try it and with access to such great local ingredients I've never been disappointed by their menu. 

Source cafe

Image - Source Café

Adelina's yard

The way I learn is to get obsessed about things. When I wrote Brewing Britain I drank 1000 craft beers, when I wrote Booze for Free I must have brewed over a 1000 bottles of wine. Presently, my kitchen is full of fermenting food and food that is good for the gut microbiome. Adelina's yard helps "feed" this current obsession and on their current menu they have fermented kale, kombu, Jerusalem artichokes and raw beef. Delicious! 

About the Author: Andy Hamilton has been teaching people about wild food in Bristol for over a decade. He has written three books, The Selfsufficientish Bible, Booze for Free and Brewing Britain. He is always experimenting with wild food and booze and has a deep and rich knowledge of both. He runs wild cocktails evenings and Gin Safaris in BS4 and BS8 details of which can be found on this website or on Eventbrite. He is currently working on a few book ideas.


Source Café
Oyster Tray

Independently run and owner operated Source are situated in the heart of Bristol's Old City and serve a menu along a British theme using fresh produce from their on-site food hall.

Moor Beer Co
Moor Beer Co

Moor Beer Company originated in Somerset in 2007 and relocated to Bristol in 2014. The brewery is recognised as one of world’s best, setting the benchmark for several beer styles.