This week's #FoodFriday comes from Kate Webb, the Bristol co-ordinator for Circus250.

Kate Webb

Image - Kate Webb

Biblos - Stokes Croft & Wapping Wharf

The students at Circomedia introduced me to Biblos on Stokes Croft.  Their wraps were always a welcome treat after a show.  As I live in South Bristol you can imagine my excitement when another one opened on Wapping Wharf as part of the Calypso Kitchen – one of the only eateries on Wapping Wharf to be open on a Monday night.

The Victoria Park, Raymend Road

THE BEST SUNDAY LUNCH EVER!  (Except maybe my husband’s...)  Just perfect, but also huge portions - no one ever wants a skimpy roast! Good wine list, amazing Yorkshire puds, great atmosphere and being slap bang on Victoria Park, there’s somewhere to run it off afterwards.

Woky Ko, Wapping Wharf

My kids would never forgive me if I didn't include Woky Ko.  Even though the restaurant is small, it’s worth waiting for a table. They also do take away.  I am sure that the staff in there think that I am a lazy cow – the number of times I go and order two Chicken Vermicelli for my kids! The great thing about Woky Ko is that there is no MSG. My favourite is the Duck Salad, or the squid, or the courgette and aubergine curry, or their amazing baos (filled Asian steamed buns).

Wapping wharf

Image - Wapping Wharf, credit Jon Craig

Olive Shed, Floating Harbour

Even though there are all these new sexy places to go in Wapping Wharf, I still love The Olive Shed.  I spent many balmy evenings there last Summer, sitting outside with friends sipping wine and looking at all the activity around the Harbour. There’s a great selection of tapas for both meat eaters and veggies. Although I have lived in Bristol since I was a baby, when I sit there outside on a summer night watching the world go by, I still think, aren't we lucky….

Little Victories, Wapping Wharf 

This place doubles as my Circus250/coaching office! I love coffee and Little Victories does not disappoint.  Every 4-6 weeks they change the choices of coffee bean which are always seasonal - coffee never tasted so good.  I have also been introduced to the joys of Chemex and Aero-press.  There is also a small selection of cakes and sandwiches but once you have tried the toasted banana bread you probably won't have anything else.

Birch, Raleigh Road

I used to know this place when it was Vince's corner shop/deli, then a dodgy curry house. But I particularly enjoy it as Birch Restaurant, with its nod to Harlequin on the back wall.  I love going to Birch when we have something to celebrate as it always feels special.  Yes, the menu is small, but it tastes like quality.  They grow all the vegetables in their own kitchen garden and their love of food comes across in the flavour. I love the combination of ingredients and the fact that you can have lots of small dishes so it’s like creating your own taster menu. Jess also knows exactly which wine goes best with your food so make sure you ask and expand your taste buds. 

About the author: Kate Webb is the Bristol co-ordinator for Circus250 – she is also senior lecturer at Circomedia, freelance producer/director and life coach. Catch up with her on Twitter @katemjwebb

Bristol - home to more circus companies than any other British city - was recently named as one of six UK places which will carry the title of City of Circus throughout 2018 and share in hosting a year-long programme celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of circus in its now familiar form. 2018 will see celebrations across the city from The Slapstick Festival in January to the Royal West of England Academy in March.  In the Autumn, Circomedia will be celebrating with a programme that showcases circus work made in the South West and the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery will be letting the circus take over one of their 'Museum at Night' events.   For further updates on Circus250 activity check or follow @circus250 on Twitter.

Circus 250 Bristol

Image - Circus 250 Bristol


Slapstick Festival
Bristol Slapstick Festival 2018

The Slapstick annual festival is held every January (Since 2005!) and gives audiences a unique and often once in a life time opportunity to see some extraordinary films in unique circumstances.

Royal West of England Academy
Royal West of England Academy of Arts Ruffin-Ferraby-Taylor-LLP

Bristol's first art gallery, housing over 1200 works of art from 19th century to the present day, a coffee shop and a small gift shop.

Woky Ko: CARGO
Credit Paolo Ferla

Woky Ko's original award winning Asian restaurant at Wapping Wharf. Woky Ko: CARGO serves Asian street food for lunch & dinner (plus takeaway) featuring Bao, Xiao sharing plates, noodle and rice dishes.