This week’s #FoodFriday comes from Ingrid Bates, English wine maker and owner of Bristol Vineyard, Dunleavy Vineyards.

Ingrid Bates

Shop 3 Bistro

Great food and supporters of local producers too. This Clifton eatery serves rustic cuisine inspired by local and foraged ingredients that reflect seasonal rhythms of hedgerows and forest floors. They also do a BYO night.


A great people watching spot in Stokes Croft. They do lovely food and the restaurant truly sticks to its ethical and sustainable ethos – not an easy thing to do. The passionfruit cake is amazing!


Just off Whiteladies Road in Cotham, Bellita do amazing tapas and drinks. There’s a very cosmopolitan feel, especially on a warm summer evening when the windows are open and the sun’s streaming in. The menu varies a lot so it’s hard to recommend one particular dish but as it’s tapas you can try it all.


An imaginative menu and a lovely peaceful space. George Livesey is the chef and owner of this tiny but impressive restaurant.


This restaurant has amazing views over the Chew Valley and the Barley Wood Walled Garden. Two brothers Iain and Matthew are the chefs that create the food here and they can often be seen in the open plan kitchen while you eat. Mark Cox is the man who grows the vegetables in the walled garden. Everything is kept meticulously tidy and you can buy veg in his little shop at the bottom of the garden.


Hidden in a side alley near the Bear Pit in the centre of the city, this place serves only vegetarian food but does it with real imagination and style. It’s really fun! Jen the chef and owner changes the menu regularly, so again it’s hard to recommend a particular dish so my advice would be to just try everything!


An education in Indian cuisine from every state of India – this place is not your average Indian takeaway! Raja and Charlotte the owners really seem to enjoy showing people the Indian food they love. I recommend the butter chicken.


A real Bishopston favourite, this is simple Italian food done well. The Bomboloni namesake puddings are like a large doughnut so make sure you leave space!

About the author:

Bristol resident Ingrid Bates planted her vineyard in the Chew Valley back in 2008 at the humble age of 28. It takes 3 to 4 years before a vineyard bears fruit but since 2012 she’s been creating and releasing Pinot noir rosé that has won countless awards and been recommended by some of the world’s top wine critics.  Dunleavy have gradually expanded as their vines have matured to supply many of the top restaurants in Bristol, London and Bath. Later this year Dunleavy are releasing just 500 bottles of their first sparkling white wine and next a year a sparkling red will follow – exciting times ahead!