Wondering what to do with the kids on a trip to Bristol in the summer holidays? We have plenty of fantastic fun-filled options in the city, but we decided to ask the pupils in the Juniors at Holymead Primary School in Brislington for their #SummerinBristol recommendations - because there is nothing better than finding out what the kids themselves are looking forward to doing! Here’s a selection of their thoughts from years three to six (ages seven to eleven):

Year Three (aged eight)

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta - Credit Paul BoxImage - Bristol International Balloon Fiesta (c) Paul Box

What I like to do in my home city By Beatrix, Tawny Owl Class

I like to go to We the curious because it is fun, amazing, cool and interesting. My favourite place to go is Miss Potts chocolate house because they make the most amazing and delicious things in the world.

The best thing i’ve ever done in Bristol is seeing ancient dinosaur bones in real life [at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery].

I would want to go to the aquarium because i’ve heard wonderful things about it.

I do have a favourite event and it is the balloon fiesta because it is colourful and beautiful. Also i can watch them from my bedroom

Bristol Zoo Gardens, Credit Jon Lewis

Image - Bristol Zoo Gardens, credit Jon Lewis

Why we should we go to Bristol zoo By Lily, Tree Frog Class

If you want a day full of fun Bristol zoo is the place for you. The animals will amaze you if it’s a sunny day it is perfect for having a picnic. Also the cafe will give you food that will make your mouth water. And if you like creepy crawlies the bug house takes creepy to a whole new level. If you want a cool treat they’ve got you covered. So why not go to Bristol zoo?

Cabot Circus - credit Hammerson

Image - Cabot Circus shopping in Bristol

Bristol By Anna Maria, Turtle Class

Where do you like to go in Bristol?

I like going to the shops because there are nice things to wear.

Do you have a favourite place in Bristol?

Bristol Aquarium is my favourite place because there are loads of different fishes and it is kind of cold and I like cold.

What is the best day out you have had in Bristol?

In the wonderful Bristol Zoo because there are animals that I like.

Is there an attraction you would like to visit in Bristol?

Thunder world [Funderworld] because there are fun things that you can go on.

Year Four (aged nine)

Brunel's SS Great Britain

Image - Brunel's SS Great Britain

What I like to do in my home city By Adianna, Falcon Class

Have you been to Bristol? If you have what is your favourite place?

My favourite place is Cabot Circus, which is a shopping area, I absolutely love shopping that’s why Cabot Circus is my favourite place of all time.

Recently, there was a festival, and it was the Gay Pride Festival I have seen loads and loads of people celebrating it and having their face painted.

Every time a family member comes to Bristol, me and my mum like showing them the SS Great Britain and all of the other ships, although it takes a long time to walk I still enjoy coming to see the ships. Bristol is obsessed with the balloon festival. Personally, I love the balloon festival it is amazing! I love the different types of balloons and it is so colourful when they are all up in the sky.

There are loads of restaurants in Bristol. I like Za Za Bazaar because there is lots of meals to choose from.

There are lots of museums here are some of them…We The Curious, M Shed and Bristol museum and there are more…

Aerospace Bristol

Image - Concorde Alpha Foxtrot at Aerospace Bristol

Things to do in the summer (In Bristol) By Mary-Sophia & Abi, Flamingo Class

Hi, we are going to show you what we like to do in the summer holidays. Where do you like to go in the summer holiday and what do you like to do?

Here are 6 fun things you can do if you get bored.

In Bristol, there are lots of different festivals such as: The Balloon Fiesta, The Harbour Festival, Upfest and much more.

There are also a lot of places in Bristol to visit outside. Here are some examples: Cabot Tower, Bristol Zoo, Arno’s Vale, The SS Great Britain, Queen Square and lots more.

There are inside activities as well such as We The Curious, there are lots of swimming pools (Hengrove, Longwell Green and Jubilee) Playspace Softplay and Noah’s Ark Softplay.

Here in Bristol, we have some Musems including Bristol Museum and the Concorde Museum [Aerospace Bristol].

In Bristol we have lots of parks such as: St Annes Park, Victory park, Victoria park and lots more.

we the curious

Image - we the curious, credit Paul Blakemore

The City of Bristol By Katherine, Fox Class

If you are planning on visiting Bristol over the summer holidays, make sure you check out the amazing places Bristol has to offer! The harbour, delicious restaurants, Brunel’s buildings and big shopping centres definitely make Bristol a special place.

The Bristol Wild Place, the zoo, SS Great Britain and We the Curious (an exploratory) are all nice family days out if you are looking for an educational but exciting day. Tyntesfield has something to offer for all members of the family, a leafy forest, vast Gothic mansion, playgrounds, different trails and cafes. Learn about life in Victorian times, when Tyntesfield was built and the families that had lived within it’s walls.

The Balloon fiesta and the Harbour festival are lovely occasions to look forward to. Even if you can’t go to the Balloon Fiesta you will still get the pleasure of watching the colourful balloons fly over your house or hotel room.

You want to see and know more about Bristol? Then a trip on the open top Bristol Insight tour guide bus is for you! Get a lovely view of Bristol, facts and information on the tour guide bus.

Do you want to make your own fun and games? A few big, green spaces are:

The Downs, Castle Park, Victory Park, Arnos Vale Park.

After all this fun you might need a trip to a peaceful, calm place. Arnos Vale Cemetery and The Botanical gardens are both beautiful and relaxing places to visit.

Bristol has some fun things to do like climbing Cabot Tower, whatever you do in Bristol, and now you know what to do…HAVE FUN!

Year Five (aged ten)

MShed (c) Quintin Lake Photography

Image - MShed, credit Quintin Lake Photography

Where I like to go in Bristol (where I’m going in the holidays) By Isla B, Firefly Class

Hello everyone!

Where am I going?

I’m going to the M-shed! The M-shed is a museum which I think stands for museum shed. There are lots of different era exhibitions. My favourite is the Victorian stand where you get to dress up as a young Victorian. This is really fun and me and my sister played olden schools! There is also a small shopping till which you can go in and actually measure fake food. I love doing this. There is also a big, old bus which you can actually go in!! There is a top deck too! Finally, on the floor which you walk in on (it’s the 1st exhibition you walk into!) there’s a big map of Bristol! That’s my favourite bit!

What have I done before that I enjoy?

I’ve been to the S.S Great Britain! I love the S.S Great Britain because you can go through the ship that everyone actually travelled on to get to America (I think!) I like all the statues/models of people doing everyday things on the ship. They have bedrooms, kitchens and even fake toilets that you can look into! I also enjoy playing on the deck!

Where do I want to go?

I want to go to Bristol Zoo and feed the animals. I know you can’t feed all of them but I do want to feed the penguins! I once went there on a school trip and I had plenty of fun with all of my friends. I haven’t been for quite long though which is why I really want to go this summer.

Thanks for taking time to read this, Isla B!

Bristol Zoo Gardens

Image - Bristol Zoo Gardens

Bristol zoo By April F and Maria, Finch Class

Bristol zoo is a magical place! It has got lots of animals and cute, little new-born animals. As you walk in, you will see lions, bats, the bug exhibit and much, much more! There is also, for 4 year olds and under, face paint and lucky dip activities. There is a park and next to it there is Zooropia where you can climb and at the end there is a long zip line.

If you are looking for excitement, then go down to the seal show where you will be able to see them doing tricks. You can also go underground and see the penguins dancing in the water! At the entrance, there is some beautiful, pink flamingos which you can watch prancing around whilst they flutter their feathers.

There are lots of animals at Bristol Zoo but my favourite is the butterfly green house. Whilst you are in the butterfly green house, if you stand very still a butterfly might land on you. Sometimes they might even land on your head! Bristol Zoo is great for all family. Also it is in Clifton so it’s easy to get to.

Clifton Suspension Bridge CREDIT_Rich-McCluskey

Image - Clifton Suspension Bridge, credit Rich McCluskey

Places to go in the summer !!!!!!!!! Olivia J, Firecrest Class

There are lots of places to go in the summer and here are some fun options.

Chew Valley lake is a really calm relaxing place to go with family and friends and they do really good fish and chips. [at Salt & Malt]

Cheddar Gorge is a really nice open outdoor place to go where you can go exploring.

Clifton Suspension Bridge is a really high bridge where you can get stunning views and you can choose if you want to walk or drive!

SS Great Britain is an amazing ship that is very old and you can learn a lot of information about it.

I hope that you will thoroughly enjoy these places like I did. Have lots of fun and make the most of it because it will go really fast!

Year Six (aged eleven)

Ashton Court Bristol

Image - Ashton Court Estate

What I like to do in my home city! By Ruby, Salamander Class

Where do you like to go in Bristol?

I recommend the Zoo and M-shed because the Zoo has lots of different animals that you could learn about while you’re there and the M-shed because you travel back in time to the 1950s on the docks and even discover more about Bristol that you didn’t know about before.

Do you have a favorite place in Bristol?

Although I love the zoo, my favourite place is Ashton Court Estate because the woods are amazing! You can discover so much with a couple steps. The castle is my favourite monument because it’s a very historical building. It’s also a very beautiful building in general!

What is the best day out you have had in Bristol?

The best day I had ever had in Bristol was at the Bristol Aquarium. Sharks, Sting rays, Octopus and more to discover! My favourite attraction was the octopus it was HUGE and the sharks were nothing like I imagined them! If you wanted a fun filled day at Bristol I would recommend the Aquarium.

Is there an attraction you would like to visit?

Although I love travelling, I’ve never been to Noahs Ark Zoo Farm. There’s Tigers, Lions and even Elephants that you could see and learn more about. On top of that there’s 110 acres of land to explore and a play area for smaller children.

Mermaids at Bristol Aquarium

Image - Mermaids at Bristol Aquarium

What I like to do in my home city! By Jenaya, Salamander Class

Where do you like to go in Bristol?

My top recommended area to go to in Bristol would have to be the Bristol Zoo as you get to see animals from all over the world and be able to witness what they do in their natural habitat! As well as being able to watch them, you can even pet, feed and learn from them. What could be better than witnessing beautiful and unique animals going on their everyday life and you being able to be a part of it?

Do you have a favourite place in Bristol?

Other than the zoo in Bristol, my favourite place would have to be the Bristol Aquarium as I am in love and adore learning about new animals and learning small facts about these weird-looking creatures! Not mentioning, the massive octopus that you get to see in real life and see what their natural habitat looks like in their view (and ours of course). And not only can you see a beautiful octopus in real life, you can also see real life sharks ,and see why they are known for their predator appearance, and seeing lobsters and any other sea animal you could never see out in the open at the beach, the Bristol Aquarium is an amazing place to go for a visit.

What is the best day out you have had in Bristol?

The best day out you can have in Bristol is going so see the history of Bristol! Some people go to the M-Shed to look at the docks of Bristol and get to see old history from as far back as you can remember. And hear the explaining of why pirates came to Bristol or is from Bristol came here! It may be because they wanted to dig up their booty and rob others for their dirty deeds! You could even witness the caves that prisoners were trapped in and was even left there to rot! Leaving us with skulls and bones of the ones who did rot out of their skin. Only you can find out by going to the M-shed for the best day out in Bristol!

Is there an attraction you would like to visit in Bristol? 

An attraction that definitely makes me wish I could go to is the one and only Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm! Why? Well not just because it’s a normal farm that you could see anywhere across England, you get to see zoo animals as well. Being able to touch soft fur from the innocent farm animals or rough skin such as cows or fluff from sheeps, you can also feel the truck of an elephant as they will be surely able to reach their truck up to you! Allowing you to feel their magnificent skin and not only that you can see deadly animals such as different types of lions, tigers and leopards, you can even feed them as well or do quizzes on them and win a badge for your brilliant work! Not even mentioning the amazing play park for kids and being in summer a small water park for everyone to cool off after seeing so many animals in the hot sunny sun!

Where do I want to go this summer? By Jack E, Salamander Class

This summer I would love to go to the Bristol Aquarium. I would love to go to the Bristol Aquarium because I haven’t been there in ages and I also love wildlife. I love wildlife because some animals are so exotic and mysterious. My favourite place in Bristol is the zoo because it is full of life.

The best day I’ve ever had in Bristol was when I went to feed fresh water fish at the Bristol Zoo because it was an amazing moment and I will always remember. I would also love to go to We The Curious because it is full of awesome stuff that I never knew before. 

Meeting up with my friends is what I will be doing a lot because I will miss them in secondary school.

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We The Curious
Science Centre
We The Curious North Gallery

We The Curious (formerly At-Bristol Science Centre) is a state-of-the-art visitor attraction, offering an amazing world of hands-on discovery for you, your friends and family.

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery
Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

Museum and art gallery exhibiting some outstanding collections of art, archaeology, Egyptology and natural history in a magnificent building

Bristol Aquarium
Bristol Aquarium Giant Viewing Window

Spectacular aquarium in the Harbourside area that provides an amazing underwater adventure from the British coast to exotic tropical seas

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta
Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is Europe’s largest annual meeting of hot air balloons, attracting over 150 Hot Air Balloons from across the globe. The Fiesta truly is a sight that can only be seen in Bristol.

Bristol Zoo Gardens
Animal Collection
Bristol Zoo Gardens: Ring-tailed Lemur with baby

A visit to this city zoo is your passport for a day trip into an amazing world of animals, exhibits and other attractions

Bristol Pride
Bristol Pride Parade

Bristol Pride is an annual celebration of the LGBT+ community.

Cabot Circus
Shopping Centre
Next and La Senza at Cabot Circus

Bristol’s Cabot Circus offers the ultimate shopping experience, bringing together a host of high-street and designer brands and confirming the city’s status as the South West’s style capital.

Brunel's SS Great Britain
Historic Ship
Brunel's SS Great Britain Bristol

Step aboard the award-winning Brunel's SS Great Britain for a ship shape and Bristol fashion day out!

Za Za Bazaar
Za Za Bazaar

Take your taste buds on a food tour of the world at Za Za Bazaar, Bristol's finest banquet-style global cuisine restaurant

M Shed
M Shed Museum Bristol

M Shed is an exciting and innovative flagship museum for Bristol with gallery space and a packed events schedule.

Bristol Harbour Festival
Harbour Festival Bristol 2014 (41)

This annual free dance, music and arts extravaganza returns to the Harbourside from 19-21 July 2019 for a weekend of family activities, music, circus, food markets and visiting vessels.

Arts and Culture

Upfest is Europe’s largest live street art and graffiti festival.

Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust
Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust

Step into a secret world and discover 45 green acres where the history of Bristol is told in a leafy and tranquil setting.

Aerospace Bristol
Aerospace Bristol

Journey through more than a century of fascinating aviation history – including aeroplanes, helicopters, rockets, engines and more – and step aboard the last Concorde ever to fly.

Wild Place Project
Country Park/Nature Reserve
Bear Wood

The Wild Place Project is Bristol’s new affordable and fun family attraction that will provide adventure, play and learning.

Historic House/Palace
Tyntesfield House Bristol

National Trust Victorian Gothic house, gardens, woodland, 3 play areas, 2 cafes, and shop...Phew! And all on Bristol's doorstep. Open every day.

Bristol Insight: The Open Top Bus Company
Bus/Coach Tour
Bristol Insight: The Open Top Bus Company

Sit back and relax on the distinctive red open top buses, and enjoy the Original Bristol Tour from an unrivalled platform.

University of Bristol Botanic Garden
Environmental Attraction
University of Bristol Botanic Garden

Discover over 4,500 stunning plant species, including rare and threatened plants, in this huge University collection

Cheddar Gorge & Caves
Cheddar Gorge and Caves Bristol

Discover one of the UK's most famous beauty spots with the largest natural Gorge and two beautiful stalactite caverns.

Ashton Court Estate
Ashton Court Estate Bristol

Historic 850-acre parkland with mansion, two pitch-and-putt golf courses, deer park, miniature railway, orienteering and nature trails