Upfest turns 10 this year and artists the world over are shaking their paint cans in preparation for the return of Europe’s largest street art festival. Taking place from the 28 – 30 of July, Upfest has become one of the city’s greatest festivals since its very first incarnation, in the car park of the Tobacco Factory a decade ago. 10 years and a whole lot of paint later, more than 350 artists are set to paint the streets of South Bristol this summer, with the exciting addition of a link-up with The Simpsons which will see some of Springfield’s famous citizens being immortalised on the walls of BS3. With 2018 marking 100 years since women got the vote, Upfest has also linked up with Bristol Women’s Voice so expect to see some inspiring messages.

We asked Creative Communications agency Plaster for their pick of artists to look out for this year:

Nomad Clan

Nomad Clan are one of the biggest names in global street art today. The acclaimed duo has been making waves in the street art scene for a number of years now, with their unmistakable style and remarkable talent seeing them named as street art’s hottest UK talent' by Global Street Art and pegged as one of the top 5 female street artists in the world by The Guardian.

This year Nomad Clan will be producing something truly spectacular on the Tobacco Factory wall. The actual subject remains top secret; however they’ll be tying in the themes of The Simpsons and 100 years of the suffrage movement.

Nomad Clan

Image - Nomad Clan


An artist that needs little introduction, Inkie is quite the legend round these parts. One of the most notorious and influential graffiti writers to emerge out of the talent pool of the 80s, he painted alongside the likes of 3D and Banksy and placed second in the 1989 World Street Art Championships.

Inkie has had a rather interesting career to date, in ’91 he was arrested as the head of Operation Anderson – the UK’s largest ever graffiti bust. Inkie went on to become the head of design for SEGA and Xbox.

  • Where to find him: Sion Road

Ship Shape and Bristol fashion - Inkie

Image - Ship Shape and Bristol Fasion, Upfest, Inkie


Insane51 is maybe one of the most technically impressive artists featuring at Upfest 2018. Born in Athens in 1992, he has developed a completely unique style of creating murals in 3D. His photorealistic work utilises spectacular overlaying techniques. Once completed, onlookers can don a pair of 3D specs to see what the naked eye cannot!

  • Where to find him: The Red and White Café, Ashton Road


Image Insane51


Upfest 2018’s lead artist Jody’s story begins in the late 80s, in the now infamous Barton Hill Youth Club. His contemporaries include the likes of Cheo, Banksy and Inkie, however in the mid-90s Jody went into early retirement from the street art scene. Then in 2008 a misprint in the book Children of The Can – 25 Years of Bristol Graffiti - saw Jody make his comeback.

  • Where to find him: 75 Exeter Road


Image - Jody

The London Police

The London Police first started in 1998 with a passion to combine travelling and making art in order to create an amazing way of life. Known for their iconic LADS characters and precision marking, TLP’s work has graced the streets and galleries of 40 countries in the past 10 years. For Upfest 2018, Chaz Barrisson will paint his signature LADS characters with his trusted sidekick Chinny Bond.

  • Where to find them: Royston Garden News, North Street

London police

Image - The London Police


One of Bristol’s original wildstyle writers, Soker has painted his moniker around the city more times than we’ve had hot dinners. This year however he’s mixing things up! Chosen by Matt Groening as one The Simpsons Upfest artists, he’ll be taking his unique wildstyle graffiti method and throwing a Springfield twist into the mix!

  • Where to find him: Brewery Theatre


Image - Soker


Bristol-based artist Graham Dews, aka Paris, is renowned throughout the world, having created large scale artworks for the likes of Glastonbury Festival and the London Olympics. Perfecting his unique style over a 30-year career, he constantly plays with the boundaries of abstract spray paint creations. Paris was also the artist behind Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto cover, as well as painting the band’s live sets and collaborating on their videos.

  • Where to find him: The Old Bookshop


Image - Paris


Bristol artist SPZero76 is part of the Lost Souls collective and the creator of the very popular Collaboration Nation, a collective street art project of hundreds of international artists. His hugely colourful style is instantly recognisable and his career as an artist and illustrator has taken him all over the world, working with the likes of Lamborghini, Samsung and the BBC.

  • Where to find him: Ashton Gate Stadium


Image -SPZero76

Andy Council

Bristol’s Andy Council is best known for his unique portrayals of the city’s architecture made up into magnificent beasts - imagine the Clifton Suspension Bridge making up the spine of an enormous T Rex and you’re getting the picture.  Andy’s work is packed with urban detail, like a modern day Guiseppe Arcimboldo... Google it and you’ll see why!

  • Where to find him: Ashton Avenue

Andy Council

Image - Andy Council


Portugal’s Odeith has been using spray cans to create his art since the mid-80s however it wasn’t until the 90s when Portuguese graffiti spread from its roots in Caracavelos that Odeith had his first contact with the art movement. Internationally renowned for his ground-breaking anamorphic style Odeith’s murals can feature anything from landscapes and portraits to messages and homages.

  • Where to find him: South Street Park


Image - Odeith aligator standing on Anamorphic 3d chrome letters Greetings from Baton Rouge

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