When University of Bristol history student Cameron Duncan’s not studying, he’s daydreaming about food. Here he gives us his favourite places to eat and drink in Bristol. #FoodFriday

Cameron Duncan

Image - Cameron Duncan

Café Du Jour (Park Street)

I decided to come in here for a latte to fuel myself before having to climb to the summit of Park Street. Ended up being a really nice place with lovely, friendly staff. Upon further visits I learned that for a French-themed café they also do a pretty amazing Full English Breakfast. Plus, who doesn’t love baguettes?

The Bridge Inn

When a building has a massive image of Jimi Hendrix across it, you know it’s going to be a pretty cool place. Came here just to watch the World Cup but it has quickly become one of my favourite bars in Bristol due to its wonderful atmosphere. 

The Burger Joint

The main feature that makes The Burger Joint different from all the other burger restaurants in Bristol is that you get to select every ingredient that goes into your meal, as opposed to sticking to a fixed menu. I love coming here for lunch to enjoy the summer weather and create my own burger, overpacked with all the meat I can squeeze into it.

Dom’s Coffee House

In case you haven’t noticed, there are quite a lot of coffee places in Bristol. What makes Dom’s stand out is the fact that it is in the centre of Bristol, but once inside you will feel as if you are secluded in your own little haven. After a busy day in the hub of the city, it is nice to find a cosy café to relax in without having to travel to the other side of town do so.


Convivio somehow manages to excel as a café, restaurant and bar all at once. Despite opening only six months ago, it projects a homely and welcoming aura with a spacious and sophisticated interior. Given its proximity to the University campus, I will be certain to visit more often between lectures.

About the author

Cameron Duncan is a history student in his second year at the University of Bristol. He spends most of his time in stuffy lecture rooms, daydreaming about food. He has spent too much of his summer looking for the perfect place to settle down and watch the World Cup, but fortunately this has led him to Bristol’s best bars. His sales job for Pocket Intelligence allows him to visit some amazing Bristol locations, whether they be restaurants, cafes or pubs. Pocket Intelligence (www.pocketpos.co.uk) are a software company who have developed the Pocket PoS till system which is growing quickly and is used in over 80 locations across Bristol.