Whether you’re an experienced craft beer enthusiast or a total rookie in the ale department, pop along to Bristol Craft Beer Festival (14-16 Sept) for three days of world class beer, great food and live music in Lloyd’s Amphitheatre – the festival’s new venue for 2018.

Here are some of the festival highlights to look forward to:

1. Cycle City

Bristol Brewery Left Handed Giant and literal Danish giants Dry & Bitter got together this summer to create the Bristol Craft Beer Festival IPA Version 2. They named it Cycle City, as a homage to Bristol’s fondness for non-motorised transport.

Bristol Craft Beer festival 2018

Image - Bristol Craft Beer Festival

2. Bristol’s finest all under one marquee

Bristol is fast becoming one of the country’s finest and most exciting beer destinations, with more breweries per capita than London. At Bristol Craft Beer Festival, thirsty visitors can sample the wares of the best craft breweries in the city; from the aforementioned Left Hand Giant, as well as Arbor, Wiper & True, Lost and Grounded, Bristol Beer Factory, Good Chemistry, Moor Beer and Wild Beer.

Honouring some of the best up-and-comers in the city’s beer scene, Bristol Craft Beer Festival will also feature an all-new can and bottle bar serving brews from Electric Bear, New Bristol and Fierce & Noble.

Things to look forward to at Bristol Craft Beer festival

Image - Moor Beer Co.

3.  Expand your craft beer horizons

Norway, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden and the States also have some serious beer pedigree and representatives from each of these countries will feature at Bristol Craft Beer Festival. Here’s the rundown of foreign beers to look out for at the festival:

Amundsen (Norway): One of the most innovative and creative breweries in Norway, Amundsen has been going from strength to strength in recent years. Their diverse range of beers will certainly keep you occupied!

Alvinne (Belgium): Belgium has a serious history when it comes to brewing and Alvinne are one of the country’s most exciting micro-breweries. Under the expertise of head brewer Glenn Castelein, they make some of the most complex yet drinkable beers around.

Brasserie Du Mont Saleve (France): One of the most exciting independent breweries to come out of France, their complex barrel-aged sour beers are a dream... not to mention eco-friendly, non-filtered or pasteurised.

Dry & Bitter & Mikeller (Denmark): Dry & Bitter first started as one of Denmark’s most exciting hop-led breweries, but are by no means restricted to one style of brewing. Their range of sours in particular are a must try. Mikkeller is a name most beer aficionados are familiar with - Founder Mikkel Borg Bjergø began brewing in his small flat with experimental styles and they have fast become of the best breweries in the world.

Dugges (Sweden): One of Sweden’s biggest breweries, Dugges produce everything from balanced sours to hearty imperial stouts. Look out for a very special new collaboration with Wiper & True featuring at this year’s festival.

Sierra Nevada & Stone Brewing (USA): Sierra Nevada are one of the founding fathers of the craft beer revolution and they continue to make new and amazing beers. Fellow Californian’s Stone Brewing are just as legendary, starting out in ’96, it has grown to become one of the largest craft breweries in the USA.

Things to look forward to at Bristol Craft Beer Festival 2018 - beer

Image - Bristol Craft Beer Festival

4. Dads on Drugs

Yes you did read that correctly... however this does not mean a paternal drug-fuelled gathering, Dads on Drugs is in fact a DJ crew formed by Bristol’s own Geoff Barrow, formerly of Portishead. Made up of Geoff and Tom Friend, the owner of Bristol’s Friendly Records, Dads on Drugs is a well-oiled post-natal DJ crew with just three rules:

  1. No professionals. No deck hoggerz
  2. No more than three tracks in any given genre in a row. Less if possible.
  3. Dads on Drugs is always fully inclusive – anyone can be Dads on Drugs, be they mums and non-mums, non-dads, non-binary…just no one under 18.

5. Try three Wiper & True collaborations

This year saw Bristol favourites Wiper & True pay a visit to Swedish powerhouses Dugges to create a special stout for London, Edinburgh and Bristol Craft Beer Festival. The brewday took place in Dugges magnificent facility in Gothenburg in early April, tweaking the recipe for each event. Bristol Craft Beer Festival is the ONLY event where you can sample all three!

The first version is a straight up pure stout, infused with vanilla and cacao. For the second incarnation, the base beer was infused with Tonka beans. The third and final version sees the original beer aged in oak cognac barrels ready for Bristol Craft Beer Festival in September.

Things to look forward to at Bristol Craft Beer Festival 2018

6. Food glorious food

Organisers of Bristol Craft Beer Festival have put together a lip-smacking line-up of local food heroes to pair perfectly with the festival’s beer offering. Asado, For Mice and Men, The Little Taquero, and Eatchu will each be serving up delicious bites and tasty morsels for craft beer fans in the Lloyds Amphitheatre – the festival’s new home for this year.

Things to look forward to at Bristol Craft Beer Festival 2018-Eatchu

Image - Eatchu


Bristol Craft Beer Festival
Food and Drink
Bristol Craft Beer Festival

The Bristol Craft Beer Festival returns in summer for another weekend of celebrating all things beer, with over 250 beers from 35 brewers.

Moor Beer Co
Moor Beer Co

Moor Beer Company originated in Somerset in 2007 and relocated to Bristol in 2014. The brewery is recognised as one of world’s best, setting the benchmark for several beer styles.

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Bristol Beer Factory Brewery Tour

If you want to learn more about the brewing process and the history of brewing in Bristol and specifically on their historic site then their regular brewery tours are sure to satisfy even the most curious of minds.