This week's #FoodFriday comes from street photographer Colin Moody. Colin loves exploring different areas of Bristol, and when he was asked by The History Press to make a street photography coffee table book about the people of Stokes Croft and Montpelier he got to hang out there and discovered some amazing places to eat and drink, which he shares here.

Colin Moody - Food Friday

Image - Colin Moody

C + T Licata and Son Ltd, Picton Street

C + T Licata and Son Ltd is no restaurant, it’s a deli, but their fresh arancini stuffed rice balls are the best quick lunch you can have. Imagine the size and shape of a scotch egg, but one bite takes you to Sicily. They import all the good wine and cheese (ask for the one that's like Parmesan but different - it is so good in pasta dishes, or the hard ricotta) so you can knock up an Italian feast at home. But it’s those rice balls that I keep going back for. You will know the place as Christmas because the window is full to the top with Panettone. They supply everyone with all the best Italian ingredients, including all the Italian soft drinks, so you can pop on your Audrey Hepburn shades and imagine driving around Stokes Croft in an open top Italian sports car.

St Pauls Community Centre

Glen's Kitchen serves the best Jerk Chicken I have ever had as well as mutton curry sauce on top of your rice and peas, all the dumplings and authentic food from the Caribbean. Wash it all down with good ginger beer. There is always a steady flow of people here, especially in the winter. If you get a little down in the winter season the food here tastes of sunshine.

Mark’s Bread

Top tip - stand by the extactor fan by Mark's Bread - the smell of the freshly baked bread here is amazing and if the Bristol Beer Factory makers next door are also brewing, then you get a fresh bread smell mixed with a brewing yeasty smell and it makes me think how blessed we are in Bristol with all these local bakers and tap rooms alongside each other. Remember people used to say things were better 'round here' back in the day? They don’t say that on North Street.

Woky Ko: CARGO

Woky Ko at Wapping Wharf is a fave. Try the bao and enjoy sitting and watching people pass by (use one of their blankets in winter). So far every time I do that, someone I know passes by and often joins me. Well done the Wapping Wharf architects and businesses, this area is so social they need to expand it... Oh they are.

Viva La Mexicana

Viva La Mexicana East Street in Bemmie (Bedminster). This is such an authentic Mexican restaurant. They had me the moment they put down homemade corn chips and fresh salsa with Guac on the table. May I recommend the jug of Margarita to share with friends. One dish you can ask for is Aztec, not Mexican - a chocolate chicken dish that is unlike anything I have ever tasted, it made my eyebrows go right up on first bite!

About the author:

Colin Moody is a street photographer, journalist and presenter - you can check out some of his photos on Instagram. His new street photography book 'Stokes Croft and Montpelier' is out now on Amazon and at local book shops around the city - why not wow someone special at treat them to it for Christmas?!


Woky Ko: CARGO
Credit Paolo Ferla

Woky Ko's original award winning Asian restaurant at Wapping Wharf. Woky Ko: CARGO serves Asian street food for lunch & dinner (plus takeaway) featuring Bao, Xiao sharing plates, noodle and rice dishes.