Oakan Brousse is the exciting young chef working in the new Café Bar at music venue St George’s Bristol, just off Park Street. We got in touch in with him to find out where he likes to eat out in Bristol for this week's #FoodFriday.

Oaken Brousse - st geroge's cafe bristol

Image - Oaken Brousse

St George’s Bristol

What I love about St George’s is the beautiful setting and of course, the outstanding quality of music and food! I am passionate about food. This is definitely one of the best places in this part of Bristol to enjoy great food at an affordable price, that is well-presented and tastes so good.


It’s great for a light lunch. The chef creates some funky salads and really knows what he is doing.

Berwick Lodge

Fine dining at its best. I used to work there and have many fond memories. What I like most is that they produce amazing food, but it's more relaxed than most fine dining and the team are so friendly.

Flour & Ash

Probably one of the best pizza places in Bristol. Really delicious food and good quality ingredients.


This is a cocktail tapas bar, working with 100% organic ingredients. You can taste the love that goes into their food. Besides St George’s, it’s one of my favourite places for breakfasts.

About the author:

Oakan, 21, has been working in kitchens since the age of 14. He was smitten by food when at eight, he was asked by a teacher to make his first cake – made of four spoons of flour, sugar and four eggs. He couldn’t believe it when his teacher told him he could earn a living from baking.

His favourite ingredient is the onion, because it is so versatile and his favourite dish a butternut squash risotto, with basil oil, roasted squash puree, Parmesan crisp and rocket cress. When not cooking or baking at St George’s, he cooks and bakes at home for his flatmates and girlfriend… all the time. Food is his life. 

St George's Café Bar is open from 10am for breakfasts, does a wide range of delicious lunches using locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible, afternoon cakes and snacks as well as pre-concert tapas.


St George's Bristol
Music Hall
St George's Bristol

One of the country's finest music venues, offering the best in classical, chamber, world, folk, blues and jazz


Bakery serving breakfast, lunch, salads, sandwiches, cakes & tarts, sourdough pizza, fully licensed.

Berwick Lodge
Guest House
Berwick Lodge Bristol

Escape the hectic pace of everyday life and indulge in some well-deserved relaxation. Deep in the heart of the South West, nestled within exquisite surroundings, is Berwick Lodge – a hidden secret just waiting to be discovered.