This week’s #FoodFriday comes from Gertie, otherwise known as on Instagram. Here she shares some of the best veggie-friendly restaurants in Bristol which wowed both her and her non-veggie friends.

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Image - Gertie Goddard

The Stable

Every time I go to The Stable I know I’m in for a good time. To begin with, I went there purely for their relaxed atmosphere, awesome cider selection and great view of the Harbour. Then, I discovered their Hazelnutter vegan pizza… and I never looked back. If you’ve never tried a vegan pizza, I cannot recommend this place more! 

Café Ceres

Inspired by the Australian brunch scene, Ceres is the one to beat for breakfast. Not only is it charming in its décor, laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff, but the food is exquisitely presented and delicious. I would recommend everything I have eaten here, although the Sweetcorn fritters ‘Square Mile’ is an all-time favourite.

Koocha Mezze Bar

I know a lot of people get nervous when they hear the phrase ‘vegan restaurant’, but I challenge you to take any meat-eater here. Koocha’s cuisine presents an eclectic mezze mix of colours and flavours that will leave your head spinning and stomach delighted. What’s more, this is hands down the best value-for-money restaurant I have ever been to.

Chilli Daddy

If you’ve been to a Chilli Daddy in Bristol, then you’ll know why I’ve got to mention it here. With its vibrant green branding and simple canteen-style service, Chilli Daddy is not shy about what is does best; serving generous portions of Chinese food that come fast, reasonably priced and unafraid to blow your taste buds with heat. In fact, they have a chilli scale of 1-5, and 3 is normally too hot for most people… so beware!


Whilst the standard of restaurants in Wapping Wharf is exceptionally high, Root was one of the best (if not the best) dining experience I’ve ever had in Bristol. It really feels like this cosy restaurant is having fun with its food – every small dish is creative and exquisite, and the staff are wonderful too. I think it’s safe to say I would go here again. And again. And again.

Bell’s Diner

Decorated with old industrial tobacco machines and coffee grinders, Bell’s is a wonderfully quirky and cosy venue to be in. Everything here feels like a wonderful mishmash of tastes, and I’m not just talking about the décor and the bohemian-style food. Even the music is great, and the staff are always cheery and patient (especially when you ask a thousand questions about the ingredients, which you inevitably will).

About the author:

Gertie works as a Senior Digital Marketing Executive for Noisy Little Monkey, an SEO agency based in Bedminster. When she’s not working on websites, you’ll typically find her cycling round Bristol with a camera (Instagram or reviewing films on Ujima radio.


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