Food technologist and self-declared Food Nerd, Rae Scott, shares her favourite places to eat out in Bristol for this week's #FoodFriday.

Rachel Scott - Visit Bristol Food Friday

Image - Rae Scott 


A firm favourite and always the top of my must-visit list, with the condition that you order the Fried Aubergine with Molasses, with no exception. There would be a citywide outcry if these salty, crispy, sweet beauties ever came off the menu. With so many exceptional dishes to choose from, you’ll end up balancing dishes on top of your water and wine glasses just to make room for more even more dishes.


This has my vote for the best steak in the city. Kind of don’t want to tell you about it so I can still get a table, but it’s too good to keep to myself. A solid fuel run kitchen, imparting a wonderful smokey flavour into the steaks and great big witch like bubbling cauldrons in the open kitchen. Their roasts are epic too!

Flour and Ash

My favourite pizza place in the city, with their 72-hour fermented sourdough base and innovative toppings. Once started off as a special and ended up a menu regular, the indulgent Ox Cheek Ragu with Bechamel Sauce pizza, isn’t for the faint-hearted. With homemade ice cream flavours like basil, ricotta, bay leaf and strawberry with Schezwan pepper, it would be rude not to try a scoop of each…

Zara’s Chocolates

Being a complete chocoholic, I’m addicted to Zara’s Sea Salt Praline bars, truffles and the hot chocolate menu is an absolute chocolate dream. With the weather getting warmer the Zara’s Affogato with homemade salted caramel ice cream with a shot of melted Sao Thome melted chocolate to pour over the top and dig into with pockets of caramel, is a perfect treat.

About the author:

Rae is a Food Technologist for a company creating products for Food on the Go. If that’s not enough food-related fun, she also writes a food and travel blog and is an ambassador for the lovely 91 Ways food charity.   


Bravas Bar

Bravas serves simple, freshly prepared, high quality Spanish inspired dishes intended to be shared along with a great selection of Spanish beers in frozen glasses.