For this week's Food Friday, we're handing over to Frankie and Meg, who run Bristol-based digital marketing and events agency Duchess Media. 

Asking us to pick our favourite places for food in Bristol is, I imagine, a bit like asking a parent which child is their favourite. So, this is going to be tough and we’re going to miss off loads of great places, but here goes…

Duchess Media Food Friday for Visit Bristol

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Frankie: I mean, let’s just all bow down to the wonder that is St Nicks market and all the amazing food which resides within her. Special shout outs to Eat a Pitta, Caribbean Shack, Eatchu, Low n Slow and Matina! I also love the babs from Bambalan for a lunch treat and their brunches are banging too.

Meg: I’m 100% with Frankie on St Nicks - we’re totally spoilt for choice! I’ll second all of her choices but I’m also a huge fan of Chilli Daddy (tofu noodle hot pot, spice level 3 if you’re interested) and I love Caribbean Wrap. The Oxtail special with dumplings on a Friday is the ultimate comfort food.

I also love Tuk Tuck on the city centre for their bibimbap - put a fried egg on anything and I’m sold. And I couldn’t not put a shout out to the burger master Alex from Squeezed. There’s a reason his burgers were named best in the UK - because they are!


Frankie: Box-E has got to be number one! It’s not pretentious at all but it’s definitely still fine dining. I also love Root and Pasta Loco and Pasta Ripiena (the last two also have great lunch deals). The Ox on Corn Street and Whiteladies Road are absolute Daddies when it comes to a proper nice meal out - always a favourite with my family.

Meg: There’s going to be a trend here...Franks and I are echoing what the other says! Box-E are just the dream. The combination of Tess’ hospitality and Elliot’s food creates something so special. Paco Tapas have nailed that combination of casual and fine dining and if you’re really pushing the boat out Casamia deserves all the praise it receives.

Beetroot dish at Casamia, Bristol

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With Friends

Frankie: I love to share my food with a big group. Not everyone’s cup of tea but in my opinion it just means you get to try more food. Top places would be Pata Negra, Masa + Mezcal, Cargo Cantina and newbie Seven Lucky Gods.

Meg: Bellita is incredible value and the food is ace. Plus, with Kate Hawkings at the helm you know the wine is going to be spot on. Masa + Mezcal is definitely one of the most exciting new openings in town, and perfect for ordering EVERYTHING and I also love Bambalan for big groups - the food is great value and there’s nothing quite like it in the city!


Frankie: This does quickly become a list of people we work for, but they are the best! Hyde & Co are one of the original “speakeasies” in Bristol and their new cocktail menu is insane. Milk Thistle, their bigger sister, also have a new cocktail menu which is fantastic and they’re better for bigger groups.

My favourite bar is probably The Gallimaufry and their food is amazing too. I also love The Old Bookshop and the Orchard. I could go on listing pubs but had better leave it there for now!

Drink being poured at Hyde & Co, Bristol

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Meg: Yep, we’re pretty lucky to work with some of the best cocktail bars in town. Hyde & Co’s new menu is inspired by the history of Bristol’s drinking scene so not only is it delicious, it’s educational!

The Orchard is our local and is an absolute must visit if you love your cider. I also love Small Bar for a great selection of beers (and the best fried chicken courtesy of Wing’s Diner!) and we can often be found either parked outside Wild Beer at Wapping Wharf or on the terrace at Bambalan.

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