Vintage and second-hand shopping extraordinaire Katie Greswell from Beyond Retro also knows a thing or two about great places to eat in Bristol. Get some foodie inspiration from her #FoodFriday recommendations.

Katie Greswell Beyond Retro Bristol Store Manager

Bakers & Co 

Living on or near Gloucester Road you’re completely spoilt for brunch options but Bakers & Co takes the top spot for me. Their cinnamon morning toast with peach and apricot compote, crème fraîche and bacon is just about the only thing I’ll get out of bed for on a Sunday morning. I could sit there for hours at the window just watching the world go by (and most weekends off find myself doing exactly that).


I’ve been a Montpelier resident for nearly four years now and this new venture from the team behind the widely acclaimed Pasta Loco had been a hot topic around the area and was eagerly anticipated. My first visit in opening week did not disappoint. Having taken over the establishment from Bell’s Diner, they’ve not only managed to retain that little touch of glamour in the area but have also hit the same impeccable standards.

With lunch deals to suit all budgets and tables held back every evening for walk-ins they’re well and truly catering for all and I could not be happier that it’s right on my doorstep. Come for the gnocchi, stay for the espresso martinis. 

Kansai Kitchen @ The Hillgrove

This find was a tip off by a good friend. I had long associated The Hillgrove with its Sunday roasts but little did I know it had much more to its repertoire. This Japanese kitchen started as a pop-up and has become a firm fixture. With small plates perfect for sharing (or not as the case may be), it’s well worth the slog up Nine Tree Hill.

I think I actually dreamt about the Chicken Tatsuta-Age the night after first having it, whether that says more about my imagination or the dish itself is up for debate – you’ll just have to try it for yourself and see!


I can honestly say I’ve never felt so welcomed in a restaurant before. On my first visit to this Park Street restaurant I was warmly greeted like an old friend and I’ve been back so many times since that I like to think that I now qualify as one too. My Grandmother said it’s the best meal she’s had all year so if you don’t take my word for it then at least take hers! Classic Italian cuisine at its finest with all the theatre in check. If you’re a fan of limoncello I implore you to try the ice cream.

The Hobgoblin 

A firm favourite with the team at Beyond Retro. Pub grub options are around every corner in Bristol but no one does a dirty burger quite like The Hobgoblin on Gloucester Road. With such a vast menu it’s worth doing a little homework but having worked through a lot of their offerings myself I can pretty safely say that anything you go for will be incredible. With a wonderfully messy hands-on experience and hefty portions, don’t wear your finest and be prepared to want to get a taxi home. 

About the author

Katie is the Store Manager of Beyond Retro, a new addition to the thriving vintage and second-hand clothing scene that Bristol has to offer. When she’s not selling vintage clothes she’s buying them, with a few choice antiques thrown in for good measure. Having lived in Bristol all her life she’s well versed in the exceptional eateries and watering holes this wonderful city has to offer and utilises them liberally at will.

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Bakers & Co
Bakers & Co

Bakers & Co is a sourdough bakery and coffee shop, specialising in bread, pastries, sweet treats & provisions. Situated at 193 Gloucester Rd in Bristol.