The biggest Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing venue to date is about to hit Bristol, opening on 13 November. But why is this the new night out you need to try? Read on to find out and discover their special Christmas party offer.   

Why try urban axe throwing in Bristol?

No longer just for lumberjacks, the art of hurling an axe at a wooden target has already been brought to three venues in London, Manchester and Birmingham by Whistle Punks. City dwellers have wholeheartedly embraced the woodland sport – it’s become the fastest growing social competitive activity in the U.K, with over 2,000 lucky chuckers through their doors each week.

Person celebrating at Whistle Punks urban axe throwing

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Axe throwing is a great leveller because it’s all about technique over strength and everyone is coming in as a total newbie. Don’t worry if you’ve never had a go before as Whistle Punks’ axe-pert instructors are with you throughout your session to teach you the way of the axe, with plenty of time to practice before things start getting serious in your tournament. They will take you under their wing and give you all the tips you need to ensure you’re smashing bulls-eyes in no time at all.

Take on the wise words of your instructor and you’ll be on your way to glory – they might even teach you how to throw a trick shot or two. After working up an appetite in the lanes, fill up on pizza from Bristol chain Pizzarova and hit the ace bar stocked full of local craft beers, wines and sodas to celebrate or commiserate with.  

Whistle Punks urban axe throwing

Image credit: Whistle Punks

An activity like no other, get a gang together and give it a go if you fancy trying out something new and unusual. A confidence boost from learning a new skill is guaranteed and you might even experience the satisfaction of an axe sinking in the bullseye, sealing your victory over your best frenemy with the last throw of the evening.

Christmas party offer

This year’s Christmas party is sorted thanks to Whistle Punks’ special offer. They’re offering 20% off all bookings made before the end of October – simply enter the promo code BRISTOLEARLY20 when booking online at to claim.  

Christmas party group at Whistle Punk Urban Axe Throwing

Image credit: Whistle Punks

You can go on your own and join one of the social lanes or book an exclusive lane for up to 10 of your friends or colleagues for a one-of-a-kind Christmas party in Bristol. To find out more head to, where you can see pricing and party packages.

This content was kindly sponsored by Whistle Punks


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Whistle Punks is the home of urban axe throwing in the UK and beyond. Come and try your hand at hurling an axe with your friends. All groups sizes welcome.