After a critically acclaimed run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Catherine Bohart is taking her latest stand-up show ‘Lemon’ on her first UK tour. Kavita Ashton caught up with her to find out a bit more about the show, which comes to Bristol on 6 February 2020.

Comedian Catherine Bohart promo shot for new show Lemon

Image credit: Chambers Management

You’re bringing your new show ‘Lemon’ to Bristol! Can you share the story behind the title?

A woman came to my first show Immaculate and found the content horrifying and disgusting. She was referencing the fact I talk about my bisexuality and she found that to be sexually explicit. I didn’t talk about sex in that show at all really, but in finding people so aghast in me even mentioning my sexuality, I thought let’s have a bit of fun and actually talk about it this time.

So, in the show I talk about that story and it’s essentially an ode to her and her yellow cardigan.

What more can you tell us about what to expect on the night?

It's mainly jokes! I always feel that I need to say that whenever anyone asks as it can sound heavy when you don’t stress ‘And jokes!’.

The show is definitely an examination of sex and love in long-term relationships, society’s perception of queer women and queer relationships and how we tend to objectify them. And it’s also about how I learnt about sex and what you learn and don’t learn as a queer person. But mainly, it's jokes.

I’m sure it will go down well with a Bristol audience.

Oh good – I love to be in Bristol. It’s so much fun and I’ve only ever had a nice time there. I don’t want to jinx it but I really enjoy coming to Bristol and also I can get great vegan food while I’m there, so it’s a win-win.

You only started stand-up in 2015 and you’re already off on your first UK tour. How do you think the experience will compare to your stints at Edinburgh and the gigs for your last show, Immaculate?   

I think with a tour people will take more of a gamble on you than in Edinburgh. In Edinburgh, people tend to know who they want to see and come because they are already a fan a lot of the time. On tour, yes some will come because they know you, but I think people trust their local arts centre or wherever it might be to curate things they might like.

I’ve never been the type of comic to be like ‘I get these kind of reactions in certain places’ because I come from a small town and lots of people there have open minds, so I try not to stereotype audiences. Usually you’re wrong when you try to decide what people will be like! Bristol has always been lovely to me though, like I said…

Have you had any memorable gigs in the city?

I did a Bubble Comedy night and had an amazing sandwich beforehand in a vegan diner*. It was so good. The fact I could go in and order a sausage sandwich without having to wonder whether it was vegetarian…I was like this is a dream place!

Isn’t it bad that that’s my main memory of the gig – I had such a good sandwich.

(*We believe this was at Café Kino!)  

Well, we’re always happy to talk about how great the food and drink is in Bristol. We were actually named Vegan Capital of the World earlier this year. If you need any recommendations while you’re here, just shout.

Please, I will take them all! There are a few places I go early to eat – always Bristol, Brighton, Glasgow and Edinburgh because the vegan food is amazing.

You've compared both the comedy and food in Edinburgh and Bristol. Have you noticed similarities between the two? 

Yes – the food’s good, they’re steeped in history, beautifully kept. They have a huge amount of cultural activities going on and as comedy audiences, they’re quite similar as they’re comedy savvy. So, they watch a lot and know a lot and come in excited. And the vegan food is great in both, as is the coffee…what’s not to love?

Have you had a chance to watch any other comedy here during your visits? We’ve got some great festivals like Slapstick, Comedy Garden and Belly Laughs…  

I’d love to tell you I get to stick around in Bristol to watch comedy but I never have time! But the Comedy Garden is renowned among comedians as a lovely festival. Sarah, my girlfriend, has played there and I've been told it's amazing.

You’re a regular on hit TV shows like The Mash Report and podcasts like The Guilty Feminist. Where can we look or listen out for you ahead of the tour?

I’m a guest on the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK podcast – very excited about that. Hopefully I’ll be on more of The Guilty Feminist because I adore it. I just recorded one of the Conversations Against Living Miserably podcasts and I’m doing another Hoovering episode with Jess Fostekew. I will be on the next series of Mash Report, which is back in the spring. I think those are the biggies right now!

Mainly the tour will be taking up a lot of time in the New Year. Hopefully I will get my own podcast off the ground but that is fingers crossed, pending a lot of people saying yes you can.

What would your podcast be like?

I know I definitely cannot say so I’m not going to, even though I want to tell you desperately. Let’s get it made first! Sorry, I shouldn’t have brought it up if I’m not allowed to talk about it – what an annoying thing to say, ‘I might get my own podcast but I can’t tell you anything about it.’ Great intel, Catherine…

We’ll look out for news about that one! How about after the tour…what’s next?

Write a new Edinburgh show. Get better, do better – that’s the goal, always. I just want to write a new show that I’m proud of and that’s better than the last two and then hopefully go on a bigger tour.

Buy tickets for Lemon at The Wardrobe Theatre on 6 February 2020 here. Find more unmissable comedy and theatre on our What’s On pages.