As the artist behind the ‘Buzzing bars and restaurants’ panel on our #MerryBristmas mural, we asked Kid Crayon to pick his favourite local restaurants.

Kid Crayon street artist painting mural on wall

Image credit: Jason Watkins


If you like good food then stop what you are doing and make your way immediately to Glassboat. This is a fine dining restaurant that doesn’t break the bank. Between 5.30pm and 6.30pm on weekdays they also do a delicious three-course menu for under £20.

I have probably consumed more wine on this boat than I care to admit. If you like a light aromatic white, then do try the Mas Bres Stella, 2015 – it’s very good. The boat itself also has an interesting tale, as it was originally used to haul timber up the channel and left to rot in the River Severn. It was later restored and turned into the magnificent restaurant we see today.

The Lock Up

My favourite place to eat out in Bristol! A lovely family run restaurant in the heart of East Bristol. Put this restaurant on the list if you want traditional British and European cuisine. They serve delicious food, which is beautifully presented on the plate.

The staff go above and beyond to look after you. We have even received personal thank you emails after we have been there. Crazy! They also have a happy hour with 2-for-1 cocktails, which always gets extra points from me because I love to double down on the cocktails.

Caribbean Croft

This is a close second in my list of favourites. Caribbean Croft is a community run independent restaurant, serving up the best West Indian food my belly has ever had the pleasure of digesting. The Ackee’N’Saltfish served with steamed vegetables, green banana, callaloo and fried plantain is out of this world.

The portion sizes are huge, so even though I am tempted every time with the starters, I never manage to finish my food. They also have one of the best happy hours I have come across and if you like your rum, one of the widest rum selections I’ve seen too. The only thing I would say is make sure you book in advance, as this place is too popular for walk-ins!


I used to live above this restaurant a few years ago and so Biblos had to make it onto my top four places to eat in Bristol. Biblos is an institution and serves up the biggest, healthiest wraps this side of the planet. The veggie/meaty challenge is a must for anyone that wants to feel like they are on Man vs Food.

I also think this is the first place I tried Halloumi. So, bonus points for that, as I love Halloumi now. Biblos also operates as a BYOB, which is great if you are on a budget. Or do what I do and spend the same amount but bring five bottles of wine instead.

About the author

Kid Crayon is a Bristol-based street artist and illustrator. He tries to focus most of his energy on personal projects and fills his time travelling, painting and collaborating with other artists. Kid Crayon continues to push his creative practice and uses art to positively enhance public spaces. After a long day in the studio and mainly down to a lack of cooking skills, he usually dines out at his favourite local hideouts.

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Fish and Chip restaurant situated on a lovingly-converted barge in the Harbourside