Claudia is a graduate from the Bristol School of Art and Retail Assistant at the newly refitted gift shop at M Shed. She has recently returned from a trip to Bristol in both Tennessee and Virginia where she undertook a performance art piece – BRISTOL TO BRISTOL.

Here, she takes us on a before, during and after work tour of her favourite places to eat at Wapping Wharf’s Cargo.

Claudia Collins on Bristol to Bristol trip in USA

Image credit: Claudia Collins (Pictured second to left) 

Wake-up coffee at Little Victories   

If I’m super early, I sit down and enjoy a black filter coffee served in a conical flask. I have never been a marmite on toast fan but Little Victories has changed that and it has become my “start the day” staple.

As well as their impressive coffee, cake, sandwiches and salads, Little Victories is a great place to visit after work for craft beers, organic wine and coffee cocktails. It’s also the place to get your Bristol Pounds.

Lunchbreak of dreams at Salt and Malt

I was almost looking forward to my New Year’s Day hangover at work (not that l would go to work hungover – honest!) so I could nip out to Salt and Malt to get their amazing halloumi, chips and peas to see me through the busy day.

I love how this area is a rite of passage on weekends and bank holidays. Frydays can get quite busy but this plaice is always worth it!

Oliver’s Ice Cream for a sweet treat on busy days

An ice cream parlour with a loyalty card programme, right outside where I work. The shop has a wonderful carousel of many handmade ice creams in lots of flavours. Mint chocolate and salted caramel are my flavours of choice. They even do dairy-free options! The shop has a window at the back, so you can watch the ice cream being prepared.

After work tacos at Cargo Cantina

On a sunny day you could almost believe that you are sat on the streets of Tulum’s old town with a margarita and taco. The margaritas are delightful – I recommend the hibiscus! The tacos arrive when they are ready and are placed in the centre of the table. On a sunny day, it’s quite easy to spend a whole afternoon people watching and enjoying the flowing 'ritas and tacos.

I love working in amongst all the action where I feel like a tourist in my own city. The variety of different cuisines at Wapping Wharf can take you all over the world.

About the Author

In November, Claudia completed her week-long performance art piece BRISTOL TO BRISTOL, which saw her wander around two Bristol USA cities with a vintage suitcase swapping, trading and gifting souvenirs from Bristol UK with the equivalent Bristol USA items. Check out @BristoltoBristol on Instagram for snapshots from her adventures.

Since her return to Bristol she has been working on an Activism and Advocacy Project - Brislexic, for Bristolian Dyslexics. While writing up some of her interactions from Bristol to Bristol she joked, ‘sometimes I don’t know if I write things like this because I am Bristolian or Dyslexic’. That’s when Brislexic was born. She aims to promote acceptance, celebration and awareness of Dyslexia in the city, particularly in creatives. Keep up with the project on the Brislexic Instagram account.

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Cargo Cantina
Cargo Cantina

CARGO Cantina is inspired by the authentic Cantinas of Mexico, traditionally forbidden to women, children and men in military uniform, where hombres used to drink around the bar with snacks.

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M Shed is an exciting and innovative flagship museum for Bristol with gallery space and a packed events schedule.