With International Women’s Day coming up on Sunday, this week’s #FoodFriday is written by Jane Duffus, the writer, editor and speaker who shines a light on forgotten sheroes of Bristol’s past. 

Jane Duffus, Bristol writer and speaker

Image credit: Jon Craig

The Ostrich

I’m more of a pub than a bar kind of person and The Ostrich is definitely one of my favourites. It’s got loads of outside, waterside space; it’s not at all pretentious; and it’s a lovely space to sit with my husband, my beagle and my friends in warm weather. Oh, and it’s got a cave inside. What more do you want?


Not much fun for veggies, sorry, but for the carnivores among us Chomp is a firm favourite. The menu is pared down and straightforward: steak, bourbon and a few odds and sods to appease those who don’t like steak and bourbon. It’s small, it’s tucked into the outside of St Nick’s Market, it knows what it’s doing and it does it really well. Thumbs up.


In a previous life, the Marmo building was French bistro Bar Buvette. I was very sad when that closed. But now we have Marmo to replace it, yay. I’m a big fan of organic wine as it really cuts down on the heavy head in the morning, plus it just tastes so much better. And there’s no shortage of organic wines to choose from here. So that’s good news. 

Spaghetti Incident

Who doesn’t like tasty Italian food? That’s right, nobody doesn’t like tasty Italian food. And Spaghetti Incident in Stokes Croft knows its way around an Italian kitchen. From fried pizza starters to deconstructed lasagna mains, this is a tiny slice of Italy just a short stroll from Bristol’s infamous Bearpit. 

Pasta Ripiena

Yes, another Italian option but I’m not sorry about that. If you want stuffed pasta (‘pasta ripiena’ literally translates as ‘filled pasta’ so they’re not messing about here) and perfectly paired wine, then come to this tasteful restaurant just off the historic city centre. Pasta Ripiena prides itself on a less is more philosophy and that definitely pays off.

The Victoria Park

If you want a really good Sunday roast, then The Victoria Park is a safe bet. Not that long ago, this pub was a shabby hotel called The Raymend, and then gentrification struck and now it’s a permanently popular spot which, in summer, has a long, sloping sun-trap garden out the back. The roasts are such a hit all year round that it’s worth booking in advance.

About the author 

Jane Duffus is an author, editor and public speaker. She has worked on countless best-selling national magazines since qualifying as a journalist in 2001. After moving from London to Bristol, Jane set up the award-winning What The Frock! Comedy project in 2012 to challenge an industry that knowingly overlooks female talent. The recently-published The Women Who Built Bristol: Volume Two is her fourth book, although Jane has contributed chapters to several others. Pretty much everything she does these days seems to be about remembering forgotten but wonderful women. 

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The Ostrich
The Ostrich Outside

Perched on the edge of the historic Bristol Harbourside, The Ostrich sits proud with its large pub garden and stunning interior to match.