During the lockdown interest in baking sourdough and baking in general has skyrocketed. As everybody is eager to try their hand at bread making, here is a simple recipe for a sourdough starter that’s easy to get going and simple to maintain by Bakers & Co.

It’s around a week long process, but don’t let that put you off, it’s about 2 minutes work each day and you’ll be able to reward yourself with your own personal sourdough. 

Day 1. 

Mix 300g of water and 150g of whole wheat flour together in a container at least double the size. Loosely cover, it shouldn’t be airtight, but also shouldn’t allow the surface to dry out.  A plastic container or jar is best. Try and avoid glass. Because you’ll end up with something that produces gasses there’s a small possibility that glass can explode! Leave at room temperature (somewhere warm, not cold) overnight. 

Bread at Bakers & Co

Day 2. 

There may be a few small bubbles of activity at this point but don’t worry if not.  Add 1 tablespoon of water 1 tablespoon of wholewheat flour to the mix. Recover and again leave overnight. 

Sourdough Starter

Day 3. 

Repeat the process from day 2. At this point there should be a little activity, some bubbles will be forming and the mix should start smelling sour. 

Day 4. 

Add 1 tablespoon of water & 1 tablespoon of white bread flour to the mix. Recover and leave overnight. 

Bread by Bakers & Co

Day 5 & 6. 

Repeat the process from day 4. By now there should be a lot of activity, lots of bubbles and the mix smelling pleasantly sour. 

Day 7. 

By now the mix should be ready for you to bake with. If it’s still not looking very active repeat the day 4 process again. For the final refresh before baking take 40g of the starter mix, 200g of water & 200g white bread flour and mix together. Again leave overnight and it will be ready to make bread with the next day. 

The rest of the starter you can discard or make pancakes or waffles with. If you’re not planning to bake everyday then keep the starter in the fridge and refresh once a week and once the night before you plan on baking, using the 40g starter, 200g water, 200g flour ratio.  Happy baking!

Bread on shelf at Bakers & Co

About the Author

Brett St Clair is the Head Baker at Bakers & Co, the San Fransisco inspired Gloucester Rd brunch spot turned Provisions store serving bread, coffee & essentials during the COVID 19 crisis. They are also launched an online click and collect store on 18 April - bakersprovisions.co.uk. For more baking inspiration, make sure you’re also following Brett on Instagram.

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