Every week, we're challenging our followers on Instagram to a tag us in the best photo they've taken of Bristol on a particular theme, and this week was 'Bristol nature and wildlife'.

Here are some of our favourites, get involved yourself by seeing the latest Photo Challenge over on our Instagram channel...

1. Kingfisher by sebjh_

Kingfisher sebjh

2. Squirrel by jcolladophoto

Squirrel jcolladophoto

3. Fox by lz.bristol

fox lzbristol

4. Robin by Elizamoreland_

robin elizamoreland

5. Stag by sambinding

Stag sambinding

6. Swan by kruggy01

Swan Bristol

7. Gully goat by sebjh_

Gully goat Bristol

8. Peregrine falcon by danicallross

peregrine falcon

9. Heron by matthewpriceartist

Heron Bristol

10. Ashton Court deer by thiscitymum

Ashton Court deer

11. Butterfly at Blaise Estate by thewildlifegeek

Butterfly Bristol

12. Goat by blue_eyed_perspective


13. Bee by Neiljamesb

Bee Bristol

14. Squirrel by Timmah666

15. Deers at sunset by zfjsutton

Deer Bristol

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Instagram picks: Bristol nature & wildlife