From Vietnamese pho to Jamaican jerk, freelance marketer and food blogger Janine Alexander takes us around the globe with her #FoodFriday picks.

Bristol foodie Janine Alexander in front of hot air baloons

Foodie Vietnam

Foodie Vietnam recently opened in St Nick's Market and as someone of Vietnamese heritage, I was keen to track them down and try out their food. I thought it was authentic and delicious! I love their beef pho and banh thom. Their pho is genuine and tasty. Pho is a dish that is often imitated poorly; if you want to taste the real thing get down there!

Beijing Cooking Pot

Set just up the hill from the BRI, Beijing Cooking Pot is run by some lovely ladies, cooking up the best comfort food Bristol has to offer. The inside of the restaurant feels really warm and is beautifully decorated with colourful lanterns. My favourite dishes are their duck spring rolls, spicy fish noodle and vegan mapo tofu.

Nice Spice

Set just by the Bristol Hippodrome, Nice Spice sells the most delicious Cantonese roast meat. You can buy portions of their roast duck, char siu pork and pork belly with rice or noodles, or buy large portions of the meat to take home. I love ordering a whole roast duck and making the most of their delicious meat and duck carcass to create an amazing noodle soup.

Rossco's Jerk Grill

Rossco’s opened as a takeaway in a church a couple of months ago, but this family business has now moved to Kingswood to set up their own restaurants, serving the best Jamaican flavours in Bristol. Make sure to try their jerk lobster and jerk chicken wings! Best I've ever had. Love the smoky flavour!


Fresh, healthy and delicious with vibrant flavours. My favourite bowl is the tuna sashimi bowl with extra wakame salad, pineapple salsa and miso sauce. I also adore the gochujang aubergine – it is so juicy!

I might be a little biased – my enthusiasm for LOKI POKÉ means I now run their social media. They're based in St Philip's and are also coming to CARGO at Wapping Wharf soon. 

Momo Bar

Serving amazing Tibetan dumplings and thukpa noodles at the Harbourside Market, Paintworks and other locations, Momo Bar is really worth tracking down. I particularly like the spinach and cheese momos. If you like them (and you will!) you can fill your freezer with their frozen dumplings to enjoy them whenever you want.

About the author

Janine is freelance marketer and content creator who also runs the food blog @j9kitchen. When she is not eating everything in Bristol, she can be found exploring the outdoors, kayaking, climbing and walking, locally and around the UK.

She has recently finished her Geography degree at the University of Bristol. Her Vietnamese heritage makes her keen to raise awareness of cultural appropriation in the world of food. Find her on Instagram and Twitter.

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