This new production sees Bristol Old Vic teaming up with one of Bristol's most celebrated companies; multi-award-winning The Wardrobe Ensemble for a fresh spin on this legendary Christmas favourite.

Cast of Robin Hood at Bristol Old Vic

Image - JJ (Dorian Simpson), Friar Tuck (Jesse Meadows), Robin Hood (Kerry Lovell), Marian (Katja Quist) and Will Scarlett (Tom England) in Sherwood Forest

When a 21st-century kid discovers a dusty book at the back of his local library, something miraculous happens. Reality cracks and he’s thrown into the middle of an epic fight between good and evil. It’s Sherwood Forest. The 12th century. An uneasy time of cunning thieves, dastardly villains and karaoke-singing monks. Sound familiar so far? Not all is as it seems…

The fabulous cast in this contemporary production seamlessly meld traditional storytelling with modern-day cultural references and effortless humour leaving the audience on their feet delighted and wanting more - even from the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham and his rubbish hair!

The dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham and his guards

Image - the Sheriff of Nottingham (played by James Newton) and his guards, credit Craig Fuller

With nods to Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner and Disney’s fox, this new take on the story of Robin Hood combines adventure, time travel, coming-of-age drama and brilliant comedic moments. Clever use of the set and props really immerse the audience into the adventure, and many will see notes of movies Oceans Eleven and Nativity in both the story and the production style. We sat with smiles on our faces for the whole show, clapped along and joined in the (perhaps not) unexpected rendition of a certain Bryan Adams song. Where else are you going to get Backstreet Boys, swashbuckling adventure and an underlying message of working together with fair taxation for the common good this Christmas? Running all the way through to early January, Robin Hood makes a perfect Christmas treat - you won't be disappointed.

Friar Tuck in Robin Hood at Bristol Old Vic

Image - Friar Tuck (played by Jesse Meadows) giving another dubious bible reference, credit Craig Fuller


How to get tickets for Robin Hood at Bristol Old Vic

Robin Hood: Legend of the Forgotten Forest
A Bristol Old Vic and The Wardrobe Ensemble co-production

Runs until 8 Jan 2022, ages 7+

Times: 10am / 2pm / 7pm (various days - see website for details)
Prices: PWYC from £8 / U18 tickets 20+% off (Standard tickets only)
Signed, Captioned, Relaxed, Audio Described and Socially-distanced performances available - see website for details


Robin Hood: Legend of the Forgotten Forest at Bristol Old Vic
Robin Hood: Legend of the Forgotten Forest at Bristol Old Vic

Combining wit, warmth and daring archery, Robin Hood: Legend of the Forgotten Forest is a magical tale about taking aim at the things you believe in.

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