Zipping along the harbour and River Avon with Bristol Ferry Boats is one of the most fun ways to explore the city. But where to hop off when you fancy a bite to eat or a few drinks? Comms Manager and Skipper Michael Sergison has some recommendations for #FoodFriday…

Michael Sergison Bristol Ferry Boats

Chilli Daddy - Baldwin Street

We work throughout the year in all weather; in the colder months nothing beats a Chilli Daddy to warm us up! They’re an affordable and family-led company, although think twice before ordering a “Spice Level 5”. 

The Nova Scotia

This is a lovely old sailor’s pub tucked away in Hotwells. It’s stayed the same for years and is a great place for a drink with locals and boat workers in the area, and after you can catch a boat back into town from The Cottage Inn. 


I drive up on the boat to Beeses most weekends. It’s a stark contrast from the city in that you travel through a calmer, more verdant part of the river, with the chance to spot kingfishers and other wildlife en route. Beeses has a lovely riverside garden where you can enjoy hearty meals or drinks with friends. 

Hart’s Bakery

The team who run Hart’s Bakery, hidden under Temple Meads railway station are absolutely lovely and like us, are used to dealing with a huge crowd. Everything they serve is stunning and they are also fantastic at supporting and collaborating with other independent companies. 

Friand from Hart's Bakery

Image - Hart's Bakery

The Golden Guinea

This is another gem, just by Bathurst Basin. Rumoured to be a favourite drinking spot for Edward Teach (aka Blackbeard) the Guinea serves a fantastic selection of ales, have incredibly friendly and hard-working staff, and are also happy to welcome any of our boat parties throughout the year! 

The Harbourside Market

In Bristol we are absolutely spoilt for choice for independent food vendors, whether it’s at St Nick’s Market or The Harbourside Market just by our ferry stop in town. Each weekend there are different traders selling incredible food from across the globe – we’re very lucky to have such great talent on our doorstep! 

Bristol Ferry Boats' Independence sailing by M Shed and cranes on the harbour

Image - Bristol Ferry Boats

About the author

Michael Sergison is a Comms Manager and Skipper for Bristol Ferry, usually seen driving the iconic yellow and blue boats around Bristol’s Floating Harbour and up towards Beeses in St Anne’s. Michael is also a part-time horror writer and enjoys mixing records with friends. 

Bristol Community Ferryboats Ltd operate a fleet of yellow and blue vessels within Bristol and operate throughout the year, offering a timetabled waterbus service, private hire and boat parties, plus special trips & events including shuttle services to Beeses and Gin Cruises. 

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