Exquisite storytelling and cutting-edge technology – Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience allows you to meet the artist like never before.

Transforming a 2,700 square metre building into an accessible venue space seems like a lot of work… but the results are phenomenal. Located in St Phillips on Feeder Road, a former MOD torpedo testing factory has been redesigned by a team of friends into a platform and venue for art, music, food and collaboration: Propyard. The venue is creating bigger and bolder experiences for Bristol and beyond and has most recently become home to the world-famous Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience.

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

The 360 degrees exhibition, which allows you to encounter the brilliance of one of history’s greatest artists, is taking over Propyard for six months – and it’s not just for the art buffs. Here are four elements of the exhibition that make it so worth visiting this spring or summer.   

1. Floor-to-ceiling immersive 360 projections

If you haven’t yet been to an immersive exhibition, you really are in for a treat. The exhibit invites visitors to step into a 20,000 square foot light and sound spectacular that dramatically takes over the surrounding walls and floor. It’s here you are transported into more than 300 of Van Gogh’s sketches, drawings and paintings that can be watched from the comfort of starry-night deckchairs scattered throughout the room.

The 30-minute run of digital projections are all made possible by state-of-the-art video mapping technology, as well as extremely impressive surround sound audio – with Propyard being the first venue in the UK to install the cutting-edge technology from L-Acoustics.

Starry Night by Van Gogh

2. Step into the painting with Virtual Reality

Have you ever wanted to step inside a painting and explore what lies beyond the canvas? Featured in the exhibition is a one-of-a-kind Virtual Reality experience where you can do exactly that! The multi-sensory interactive guides you on a ten-minute journey through “a day in the life of the artist”.

The journey begins in Van Gogh’s famous bedroom and provides a visually rich journey to discover the inspiration behind eight of his most beloved works, including Vincent’s Bedroom at Arles and Starry Night Over The Rhone River.

Person wearing VR headset at Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience at Propyard

Image credit - Khris Cowley (@asianprovocateur) for Here & Now

3. Become an artist

This is one for the avid artists amongst us – children and adults alike. Step into the drawing studio and additional gallery that chronicle Van Gogh’s life, technique and influence for a deeper understanding of the post-impressionist work. With numerous drawing stations, visitors can explore their own creativity and create masterpieces from a selection of the artist's most compelling works and project them onto the walls in pride.

Family colouring at Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience at Propyard

Image credit - Khris Cowley (@asianprovocateur) for Here & Now

4. Pizza, cakes and drinks

Fancy a bite to eat or to quench your thirst before or after the exhibition? Look no further than the Crane Room (named after Propyard’s stunning 20 tonne Morris crane, an attraction in its own right), which offers a fantastic selection of food and drink from the bar. You can start your day with some of their barista-made coffee and cakes, or freshen up with beers, soft drinks and cocktails.

If it's the food you're after, then treat yourself to Bristol’s best pizza and winners of Bristol Life Awards 2021 ‘Restaurant’ category Pizzarova in the Courtyard, with pop up street food stalls on-site daily.

Projection of Van Gogh self portrait in the Immersive Experience

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience will be held at Propyard, 39-46 Feeder Rd, Bristol BS2 0SE, all week (excluding Tuesdays which are reserved for Private Hire).

This content was kindly sponsored by Propyard.

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Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience at Propyard
Major Exhibition
Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

The exhibit invites visitors to step into more than 300 of Van Gogh’s sketches, drawings, and paintings by using floor-to-ceiling digital projections, made possible by state-of-the-art video mapping technology.