Next week is the return of Bristol Sounds, the summertime series of Harbourside gigs featuring incredible acts. Conal Dodds from Crosstown Concerts has taken time out from promoting the event to share his #FoodFriday favourites with us.  

Crowd and stage in the Lloyds Amphitheatre for Bristol Sounds

Image - Bristol Sounds, credit Paul Box

As a man who loves fish and hasn’t eaten meat for 36 years, Bristol is food heaven. My thoughts when I choose where to eat are not easy as I love so many places in Bristol. I promote concerts and my wife manages the art career of Big Jeff, which means having a night off over a weekend in Bristol for us is often rare, so over the years we’ve worked out our favourite places and they never let us down.

Spiny Lobster

Hands down the best fish restaurant in Bristol. They have a real focus on everything being super fresh – it feels like you are eating something straight off the boat.

Simply Thai

We’ve lived just off Gloucester Road for 21 years and must have had Thai takeaways from here hundreds of times. It’s even better if you sit in, but not always easy to get a table as it’s so popular. Once I find a dish that I love I have it constantly, sorry to be so boring on a food blog! Their fishcakes, Thai green curry, and salmon with black bean sauce are just amazing, we have that every time.

The Grace

On a hot day like today, nothing beats a pint of Thatchers sat in a pub garden and The Grace has been our go to for many years. Always has the best friendliest staff, great music and incredible tapas dishes.


Nadu in Stokes Croft is easily walkable from home. Being mid-50s and a concert promoter I always try for a table by the windows as the noise in there is pretty full on and sitting in a centre table on a weekend it’s hard to hear yourself talking – but it’s worth it as the food is exceptional.


If I ever see seafood linguine on any menu anywhere in the world, I always try it to see if it comes close to the one they have in Sergio’s. It never does. Go there, it’s the best Italian food outside of Italy.

Woodes Café

I’ve had an office on Park Street for 20 years now, so again I must have been in Woodes hundreds of times. Their whitebait and prawn sandwiches and Earl Grey tea are things of utter glory and their staff are always super chatty and friendly. It closed for quite a while due to Covid, and I was fearful of its future. Thankfully it’s still with us. It feels like the closest place we have to a Parisian street café, I love it.

About Bristol Sounds

Bristol Sounds 2022 line-up poster

After a two-year hiatus, much-loved open-air concert series Bristol Sounds is back on the Harbourside with a spectacular line-up. Find details and tickets for each gig below, and make sure you enter the Crosstown Concerts competition to win a pair of tickets.

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Bristol Sounds
Bristol Sounds Credit Paul Box

Rock the night away with cider in hand at a series of open-air, Harbourside gigs at Bristol Sounds, with headliners Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, The War on Drugs, Elbow, Paolo Nutini, Jungle and First Aid Kit.