Visit Bristol’s Janine Alexander reviews Life of Pi at Bristol Hippodrome.

This visually stunning show with incredible puppetry and storytelling is now showing at the Bristol Hippodrome, following its success in the West End and Broadway.

pi and Bengal Tiger puppet fighting on boat scene

Based on the award-winning book by Yann Martel, Life of Pi tells the story of a young Indian who, after the boat carrying their family is lost in a storm, is cast adrift in a lifeboat with four other survivors - a zebra, an orangutan, a hyena and a Royal Bengal tiger.

The show is a work of art - especially the puppetry which brings to life these beautiful creatures on stage as they swim, prowl and fight; all under the control of a team of talented puppeteers. Each puppet is both artistically outstanding and a mechanical marvel, creating lifelike movements and an incredible stage presence - you feel almost as if you are watching a real tiger!

 Life of Pi -Bengal Tiger

Gorgeous set designs and props, along with clever use of projections and lighting, transport the audience from an Indian zoo to a storm on the Pacific. From busy market stalls to constellations in the night sky, the show creats a truly immersive experience that draws you into the story.

Life of Pi - night sky

We were lucky enough to see two young actors (Divesh Subaskaran and Keshini Misha), both in their professional debut, give their different takes on the character of Pi, with both bringing charisma and raw emotion to the role. They were supported by a strong cast who gave great warmth and depth to Pi's family and the other characters.

Life of Pi - cast

The show explored themes of religion, endurance and hope and left us guessing - what really happened to Pi?

Life of Pi is showing at Bristol Hippodrome until Saturday 20 January. Buy tickets now.


Life of Pi at The Bristol Hippodrome
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Lolita Chakrabarti’s dazzling Olivier Award winning stage adaption of Yann Martel’s best-selling novel Life of Pi, comes to Bristol Hippodrome in January 2024.

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