Bristol Together Campaign Toolkit

There are several options of assets to download for Phase 1 of the campaign...

Download the full Bristol Together brand guidelines here.

Bristol Together Logos Bristol Together Logos

Primary Logo

Our primary logo is available in both solid and keyline formats and in a white and black options. This set provides good stand out, and fexibilty for
a wide range of applications. At smaller sizes the white flled box will offer optimum legability and will allow our logo to
stand out over our core colourful backgrounds. In video and at larger sizes, the keyline options ofer a more refined solution.

Secondary Logos

We continue the theme of freedom within our logo mark. Expanding on the stencil principle, we have created vibrant logo set, to be deployed in a variety of colour options. These
secondary logo options are designed to inject colour, when we're unable to control the surrounding environment. These options therfore should only be used in isolation.

Download the logos here

Bristol Together Email Signature

Graphic to use as part of your email signature, ensuring your contacts and customers know you are supporting the campaign.

Bristol Together Email Signature

Download the email signature here

Bristol Together Social AssetsBristol Together Social Assets

Suggested social assets for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn including cover images and logo-sized graphics.

Download the social assets here

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