How Environmentally Friendly is Bristol? New Study Reveals All…

1st June 2017

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  • Bristol ranked the most eco-friendly city in the UK
  • Almost half (44%) of city’s household waste is recycled
  • Bristol have more Green Party seats than any other city

Bristol has been named the UK’s most environmentally friendly city, according to research.

With the General Election around the corner and all the major parties pushing forward their visions on a more environmentally friendly Britain, Bristol appears to be leaving much of Britain behind when it comes to being green.

The study, undertaken by Good Move, has analysed carbon emissions, recycling levels and energy consumption, alongside green space and Green Party seats across the 10 most populous cities in Britain, finding that Bristol consistently ranks among the best in most categories.

Most notably, the city beats Edinburgh and Bradford to being the keenest recyclers with 44% of household waste reused, while the city also has the most Green Party seats.

Elsewhere, the city falls just short of London when it comes to carbon emissions, producing just 1,863,000 tonnes compared to almost five million in Birmingham.

The south of England fared much better than the north with the southern cities ranking higher than Sheffield, Bradford, Leeds, and Liverpool. Scotland on the other hand picked up second and third with Edinburgh and Glasgow having the most green space as well as two of the lowest consumption levels of domestic gas.

For full details on the UK’s most environmentally friendly cities, visit

The full top 10 can be viewed below:

  1. Bristol
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Glasgow
  4. Greater London
  5. Sheffield
  6. Bradford
  7. Manchester
  8. Leeds
  9. Liverpool
  10. Birmingham

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