4 new TAP for Bristol contactless donation points announced to mark World Homeless Day

10th October 2019

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Four new ‘TAP for Bristol' contactless donation points, raising money for homelessness prevention services as well as directly supporting people who are currently homeless, have been announced this week to mark World Homeless Day (Wednesday 10 October 2019).

Since its launch just three weeks ago (18 September 2019) the new TAP for Bristol scheme has already raised £1000 in contactless donations with Waitrose on Queens Road the highest earning TAP Point, receiving £500 in donations so far. 

The next phase of TAP Points to be installed include the University of Bristol's Beacon House Study Centre at the bottom of Whiteladies Road (artwork pictured), the Mercure Hotel on Welshback and inside the Lloyds Banking Group building on Bristol's harbourside.

The Mercure hotel will have two TAP Points, one on an outside window for passers-by and another hand-held, counter-top donation point on the main reception desk for guests. Lloyds Banking Group is also installing two hand-held TAP Point devices inside its main entrance aimed at staff and visitors.

If all nine of the current TAP Points receive the same level of donation as the Waitrose site, the scheme will raise well over £10,000 before Christmas. This will trigger the first payment to Caring in Bristol to help fund its homeless prevention services and the first donation panel where Quartet Community Foundation will consider grant applications for homelessness support.

The first ‘TAP for Bristol' points, where people can tap their contactless credit or debit card to donate £3, opened last month at 25/27 College Green (the former FOPP store opposite the Green), Waitrose on Queens Road and the café/bar at Bambalan at Colston Tower.

A number of other high-profile locations are expected to be confirmed shortly. Business and organisations interested in hosting a TAP Point, including owners of vacant properties, are encouraged to contact Bristol City Centre BID. TAP for Bristol donation points will be installed free of charge within the BID area. 

A single ‘TAP for Bristol' donates £3 - around the price of a cup of coffee - and supports someone attending a job interview. Two TAPS help fund a one to one session with a support worker for a young person facing homelessness and three TAPS can fund a prevention worker navigating someone away from crisis, or fund an emergency deposit for a room.

All money donated through ‘TAP for Bristol' is being managed, monitored and evaluated by Quartet Community Foundation. Donations will be divided equally between Quartet and Caring in Bristol.  Caring in Bristol will use the funds to deliver new homeless prevention services to people who are vulnerable to homelessness. A donation of £5000 to Caring in Bristol will enable them to begin training up to five skilled volunteers and place them within the community areas where they've identified people at risk and in the early stages of a potential homelessness issue. 

Local charities, organisations and community groups will be invited to apply to Quartet Community Foundation on behalf of named individuals to support them into a safer and more stable life away from the streets. This could include everything from £15 for a bike from the Bristol Bike Project or £28 for a room for a young person in a hostel to £500 for a professional skills course of £1000 for a deposit for a flat.  

Keith Rundle, operations director at Bristol City Centre BID says: "This has been a great start for TAP for Bristol - the first contactless donation scheme in the country to raise money for homelessness prevention work as well helping people who are already homeless.

"With more TAP Points launching across the city, combined with this dual approach, we are confident we can more than double the donations so far and make a real impact on one of Bristol's most pressing issues."

Ben Richardson, director of Caring in Bristol, added: "At Caring in Bristol, we believe in offering more than emergency care - because homelessness is preventable. The biggest reason for people becoming homeless in Bristol is because of losing private rental accommodation. We will use the money people are kindly donating through these new TAP Points to work with people at greatest risk - giving them personalised financial and housing advice, guiding them through the benefit system or helping them to attend meetings and interviews - ultimately helping people to stay in their homes."

For more information about ‘TAP for Bristol' visit www.tapforbristol.org and video here

Any organisation wanting to apply for a grant can find out more information by contacting Quartet Community Foundation or visiting https://www.tapforbristol.org/how-to-apply-for-a-grant/

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