Photography released for Bristol Old Vic Theatre School's Hedda. Opening this week.

16th November 2020

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Production photography released today for Hedda. Bristol Old Vic Theatre School's latest graduates production taking place through lockdown.

Issam Al Ghussain as Eli, Emma Hadley-Leonard as Hedda. (Photo Craig Fuller)
Image: Issam Al Ghussain as Eli, Emma Hadley-Leonard as Hedda. Photo: Craig Fuller 

The ultimate lockdown tale of being trapped in a situation you can't get out of, Lucy Kirkwood's Hedda, based on Ibsen's masterpiece Hedda Gabler sees Hedda transported to a doer-upper in 21st-century Notting Hill.

Hedda feels trapped by the prospect of normality. Having just returned from Honeymoon with George, an academic who she doesn't love, a future in this utterly boring environment terrifies her. With George occupied with yet another paper on robotic ants and his dowdy sister Julia fussing over the prospect of aunthood, Hedda naturally tried to make things more interesting. Attempting to gain power over others however, leaves her caught between three men.

Ultimately something has to give.

This latest production by Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, is the next creative collaboration with Bristol Old Vic Theatre. It was due to be performed both in front of a live audience and simultaneously live-streamed to viewers at home as part of the latest bold experiment in digital theatre from Bristol Old Vic. However, due to the recent lockdown restrictions, this production will now be exclusively presented as a live-stream for four unforgettable performances.

The live-streamed performances begin on Wed 18 Nov and run until Fri 20 Nov.
The stream will be brought to viewers via TicketCo TV and will be available to watch on any device, including many Smart TVs.

Production shots by Craig Fuller.
Set and costume design by Bronia Housman.

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